Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sleek Eyebrow Styler

Hello all, hope you're having a relaxing Sunday! I've just had to say goodbye to my boyfriend as he drives back to university ready for lectures tomorrow, sob! So to distract myself, I thought I'd do a review I've been meaning to do for ages, and that's for the Sleek Eyebrow stylist in Light. I am not one to do negative reviews, although sometimes I think they are the most useful for readers potentially wanting to buy a product. In this case, I don't think this product is horrible, but I'm most definetly not in love with it, nor will I be buying it again. Beware, my first negative review...

In terms of packaging and price, I think both are very good (so far so good). In Superdrug, you can buy this eyebrow styler for £5.99 here and it comes in a neat little box. The styler itself follows the usual sleek packaging with 'Sleek' subtlety written across the lid. The dual ended styler has a small brush to comb brow hairs into place and the other end has an angled 'crayon' type applicator. Overall, I was impressed with the look and price. 

As for finish, it is claimed that the 'Brow Stylist is designed to defines eyebrows in a quick and easy way.' When I first tried it, I was very happy with the results, especially the colour. Majority of 'Light' eyebrow colours have an auburn undertone once built up, which I hate but I didn't find this at all with this sleek product. I've done two swatches above, the left hand side is the shade the crayon comes out and the right hand swatch is the shade it goes after a second layer. Overall, I did like the shade and finish.

However, I did notice after using it there were tiny hairs on the 'crayon' end, but I just figured I'd had an brow hair fall out and by drawing on them that it had stuck to it. However, the following three times I used it, I found the same small hairs stuck on the applicator. I've since realized that the applicator is too waxy/thick to apply and (while I was careful to not apply pressure), the consistency sticks to the hair and actually pulls them out (no matter how gentle I'm being). My eyebrows are not overly thick to begin with, but I certainly don't want to be using a product that is going to thin them out. For this reason, I am not happy with Sleek. Unless you have really sturdy brow hairs, I wouldn't recommend this, at all.

So there you have it readers, my first negative review. I don't think i've been too mean, just honest which is what it's all about. Have you tried this styler and what did you think? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I'm glad you were honest because I was interested in this product as I was drawn to the packaging which is good, as you said! I always find it difficult criticising a product as well because I don't want to come across as mean either but you did it well! I think I'll just stick to my powders and pencil for my eyebrows! x

    1. Thank you and I know exactly what you mean, I felt so horrible doing it but come on, ripping out hairs?! It's such a shame because everything else about it is really good! x


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