Monday, 29 September 2014

Five Reasons to Love Autumn

Good afternoon all! Autumn, officially September 22nd, is finally here! I've been talking nonestop about it and found a surprising number of people say that they hate it. Why?! For me, I think it's my favorite season of the year. In the past, I've done a post listing five reasons why I love summer and I figured, hey why not do one about Autumn? Apologies if it's too long, I really had to narrow it down to just five reasons so if you think it's too long, trust me it could have been longer!


Changing of the leaves.
I just love seeing the leaves littering the floor in all different shades of brown, burnt orange and red. It is something new to walk down a street that you have traveled a dozen times down to find it completely transformed by a floor of leaves. I just love it, even I don't know why.

Beautiful Surroundings
I don't think you ever truly appreciate the presence of trees until you walk down a street where all the trees have changed colour. When I lived in Wales, I had never seen it more beautiful and picturesque than it was in Autumn. It was actually a picture of colour, everywhere. Plus, my dog gets walked almost too much in Autumn because I'm walking him constantly as an excuse to get out in the scenery. Sometimes I even have to drag him out of his bed, no wonder he hates me.

The clothes
I don't think I'd be telling the truth if my love of clothes wasn't part of the reason I love autumn. If you don't believe me, I've already done an Autumn Lookbook of clothes here before it even began. Scarfs, boots and jumpers. I just want it all in my wardrobe. And despite having a dozen jumpers already, I'll always end up adding new additions every year. 

Good Food
I know that in summer we're all a little body conscious because we'll be getting our bodies out for bikini season and so cakes and pastries often get us running for the hills. But in Autumn, good food seems to be everywhere! And what's more, I feel a little less guilty about eating it . I think I speak for everyone when I say that having hot chocolate in Autumn is like having the sun in summer, it's just right.

Halloween and Bonfire Night
I love love love Halloween and bonfire night. Bonfire night brings back memories from school where we would all get wrapped up, arm ourselves with sparklers and get to our local park for the fireworks show. I just love it. As for Halloween, any excuse to dress up and play with makeup is alright in my book. It's funny that I didn't actually realize that Halloween and Bonfire night came under Autumn until I looked at the official dates for this post, you learn something new everyday!

I think i've blabbed all a girl can about Autumn so I'm going to call it a day there. Apologies for the long (and rather pointless) natter. I'm about to go shopping in Leamington Spa and I've got myself in an Autumn clothing frenzy so RIP to my bank account guys because it's probably going to happen. Thanks as always for reading, much love!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Garnier PureActive Intensive Charcoal Scrub

Good afternoon readers, I'm back with another review. Before I get under way with that I just want to thank everyone for their positive comments on my last post, I had a lot of tweets, comments and emails regarding how much it helped them so big thank you and I'm very grateful that I was able to help some of you!

Now that I have got my thankyous off my chest, down to business! Today I thought I'd finally review the Garnier Charcoal Scrub as with the winter nights rolling in, our skin needs a boost to keep glowing. First thing I will tell you about this product is that it doesn't have any real fragrance to it, which is hardly surprising considering it has charcoal as an ingredient. It doesn't smell horrible, just not really nice either (I make no sense whatsoever.)

Now it sounds silly, but some scrubs are far too good at, well.. scrubbing. Sometimes after use, my skin feels a bit too sore but with this scrub, it's not too harsh on the skin. I usually use it once a week in my morning shower as I think more than once a week can be a little damaging to the skin. After use my skin feels really smooth. Do I think it makes my complexion glow after use? Not really. I think to get that really glowing complexion you may want to use a mask once weekly too. That being said, Garnier have a three in one product which is both a Mask, wash and scrub (Garnier Pure 3in1 wash mask) so investing in that product may be better if you're after really glowing skin.

So overall, this is a nice product if you want to give your skin an occasional boost but is not something I couldn't live without. I wasn't blown away with the results but I wasn't disappointed either. However, when this badboy runs out, i'll be trying the Garnier Pure 3in1 Wash Mask which you can pick up for just £3.49 from Here. If you do want to try the Garnier Scrub then you can get it also from superdrug Here, also for just £3.49 on offer! Until next time my loves!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

How to survive life after University

Hello boys and girls, today I've sat myself down to write a post I've been itching to do for ages. It's a topic that is very dear to my heart and a cause of constant worry to me these days and it is as the title suggests, all about surviving life after university. When we pack our bags to go educate (and drink ourselves silly) at university, we never think about what life will be like moving home, or at least I never did.  Moving away is both a terrifying and exciting time and whilst away, we grow in ways we never could have back home. Whilst I was at university, I worked out some deep rooted self esteem and confidence issues (you'd never guess with the mouth I've got) but it was a well needed 'growing' period for me. Despite writing this post, I do not nor will I ever regret going to university, so for those of you who may be in the process of applying to universities, don't be put off by what I may write here, it's still one of the best times of your lives!

I felt the need to write this post to deal with some topics of concern that my fellow graduates and I have come to deal with post-university. When I first moved home, I spent about two days unpacking and re-ordering my room and this itself was a much needed process to get my head back into living at home. But, once I finished, I sat down with a cup of tea and thought to myself 'What the hell do I do now?'. I had not secured myself a job before leaving university despite already applying for jobs and I had no idea what my future would hold. I'm afraid to say the whole concept upset me beyond belief and I had a period of around two weeks of frantically applying for jobs and sinking into a deeper state of, for want of a better word, depression.

I was very very fortunate to be chatting to a friend about my situation when she said that the pub where she worked had vacancies. Three weeks after moving home and several interviews and training days later, I had a part time job at my local pub. With money finally coming in, I decided to start making plans. I followed the steps i've written below and it has seriously helped me no end deal with leaving university. Read on to find out more.

1. Make a Plan
The most obvious thing was to sit myself down and decide what I wanted in life and how to get myself there. I decided that despite my deep love of marine life, I did not want to move from my friends and my family and thus, closed the door on jobs by the coast. I then realised, my only way forward was to focus on my freshwater biology and seek out jobs. I found (with much distress) that these jobs came under 'Ecology' which I, with my Marine and Freshwater Biology degree was not qualified for as A) I didn't have a car/Driving Licence and B) Know the UK Laws and legislation surrounding the field. It was quite a knock back i'll tell you. But, I realised that I could get Masters and become qualified and so, I made the plan to work at my local pub to raise funds for my masters which is exactly what I've been doing. My advice to other graduates is to do the same, have a plan that is realistic and will give you a goal to work towards.

2. Get Busy
There is absolutely no use in having plans and not seeing them through. For me, saving is a long process which I will not see the fruit of for a long time. Meanwhile, I've set myself the challenge to learn to drive, which in itself is an important life skill. A skill which meant  I could not apply to certain jobs because I didn't have it on my CV.  This is a perfect example of something you can do to better yourself and keep yourself busy while you work through your post-university plans. Another may be starting the gym, which I figured would help me feel healthy inside and out.

3. Travel
Travel is often the one thing graduates can't do because of lack of money. But, that being said, travelling doesn't have to be to some exotic place the other side of the world, it can be to a park the other side of town or to a new sports club. The main thing is, you're getting yourself out of the house and doing something. In my first few days of moving back, I had to fight the temptation to stay in front of the TV all day and put off sorting out my future and travelling is a good reminder that the world is a great deal bigger than our situation and that others have it much much worse.

4. Dreams
To me dreams are a very important thing, they motivate you and give you courage and that extra push to do something. My dreams? To buy my first car (I'd like a gunmetal Grey Nissan Micra, they're so cute) and to eventually move in with my current boyfriend. They may not seem like big or amazing dreams to anyone else, but they are to me. Deciding what you want in life is the first step to getting a future that you're happy with.

5. Grass is Greener Syndrome
This old gem of a saying has helped me a great deal. We all know the feeling of scrolling through Facebook and seeing that so and so has travelled to Russia and Mrs this has just won the Nobel peace prize (maybe not that one). The point is, on social media we all display the best bits of ourselves. As a result, it's easy to look at what someone else is doing and feel your life is lack lustre in comparison. It is important to remind ourselves that yes, there are people who are very lucky and leading very privileged or exciting lives, but that doesn't mean that our lives are any less important as a result. I once heard the quote 'Comparison is the thief of joy' and in some ways it's true. Make point of not doing it at the cost of your own happiness.

6. Don't Fear
It is all to easy to despair when the fruits of your hard work can't been seen a few months in. I know that I've been working at my job since June and have saved next to nothing. Some days I am very demoralised and having the career I want seems a lifetime away. In these moments we have to remind ourselves that all good things come to those who wait. Have patience, Rome wasn't built in a day. All we can do is keep moving forward and working towards our goals.

7. Stay Positive
This again goes hand in hand with my last point. Staying positive throughout your down moments is what life is all about. Stay upbeat and remind yourself that whatever situation your in, it isn't forever! It also helps me to remind myself that things could be considerably worse, I have my health where others don't. Life if short and we have to appreciate what we do have.

8. Talk Talk Talk
It is all too easy to feel that you can't talk to anyone about how you are feeling. Unfortunately for my family, I have absolutely no trouble talking about my feelings whatsoever. In fact, the hard part is shutting up. That being said, I'm fortunate to have a supportive family and sisters who have already undergone this process and are great with advice. If you feel like you can't talk to your family, talk to your friends and if you can't feel like you talk to them then hell, email me, I will talk to anyone who needs me! Talk to anyone about how you feel and it will make yourself feel better.

9. Read yourself Happy
My love for Carli Bybel is endless (serious girl crush going on) and she suggested reading The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. I read it and it has changed the way I look at just about everything. The chapter 'Let go now or fall' is all about change and particularly resonated with me. I believe that it will apply to all graduates. I cannot talk highly of it enough, if you want to give it a try, I bought it from amazon here. (I also want to add that I haven't been sponsored to put that link or anything of that sort).

10. Have Faith
You have worked hard throughout your time at university and achieved a degree. That is a major achievement you should be proud of. It is a source of proof of what you are capable of and in the years to come, when we are not sure it was worth it, have faith. Remind yourself that you can achieve your dreams if you work hard and keep at it. We can gain the careers we want because we have worked hard to earn that. Keep going and remind yourself of what you can achieve when your morale gets low.

So to finish a (very) long blog post, but one that is true to my heart, the world is yours. We have come out the other side ready to make mistakes and grow. You may do all these things and still feel down but remind yourself that we have been in the education conveyor belt for, in some cases more than 21 years and at the end of it all, we've fell of the other side with no direction. We've also come off it in a time where jobs aren't all that readily available but they are out there. Keep working hard and you will get what you deserve. I hope that this post has helped you and feel free to message me or comment below on any worries or thoughts you have. After all, we are all in this pot together. Thanks for reading and until next time!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Supermarket Superstar Coats

Hello all, I'm back from my holiday (photo's coming soon!) and miserable so I'm trying to think of positive things whilst the cold creeps in, sob. For me, Autumn-Winter is all about the coat, I just love them. I mentioned in my Autumn Look Book (Here) that despite buying a parka last Autumn, I want a new coat because literally everyone has one and while that's fine, I don't want to look exactly the same as everyone else. So, it's got to go! I've been looking online and couldn't find any decent coats anywhere and found myself turning to the supermarkets and i've been blown away by their coat collections. They're gorgeous and not one over £50! So here's my selection of the supermarket superhero coats (from top to bottom and left to right).

Sainsburys Fur Collar Coat £40/ Here
This coat is a blend of the cranberry trend and the 'Oversized Boyfriend style', I actually think it looks pretty naff in this picture (great start) but seeing the model wear it, it looks considerably better. One of those coats you need to see on to appreciate it. Plus it has the removable fur collar to change up the look.

F & F Teddy Lined Quilted sleeved coat £48/ Here
Leather look sleeves were all in last year as an added twist to the kaki parka. This coat is a little bit different again as it sports the cranberry hue which is everywhere. I really really like this one, thrown on with black jeans and a cream jumper and you've got a lovely little outfit, yum.

F & F Faux Fur Trim Duffle Coat £48/ Here
My favourite of all the selection. I love duffle coats, they're practical, warm and look really smart. To me the fur hood on this makes me just want to rub my face in it (anyone else, nope. Just me then).

G21 Faux Fur Trim Coat £30/ Here
I was horrifed to find that when looking for the link to put above, this beauty has SOLD OUT. The horror. It's absolutely gorgeous and with the fur collar, a twist on the smart coat. I love the navy and generally everything about this coat. So cute! Whoever has bought this and made it go out of stock, touche'. 

Asda Formal Duffle Coat £36/ Here
Another little beauty, this time in tan. Tan goes with just about everything, so this beauty will work hard to match everything in your wardrobe. All you need is a nice satchel and you've got a perfect winter injection to your wardrobe.

So thus ends another coat post, obsessed much? I really need to just buy a new coat so I stop banging on about it. Apologies, but I can't promise I wont do it again. Until next time my loves! 

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pack With Me

Hello all! If you're anything like me, you'll put off packing to the last minute. I always do it every year and once I finally get my butt into gear, I actually really enjoy it. This year, I thought I'd document the whole process for you guys, I did it at night after a shift at work so apologies for the super dark photos! I always lay out my outfits for everyday on the bed with jewelery and belts so that I don't take too much with me. For the daytime, I like no fuss outfits that I feel good in but are cool too.

I did photograph all my evening wear but do you think I can find it on my camera? This is just one outfit I've picked out and i'm in love with it. I'm going to pair it with a white clutch and glittery flipflops! I'm actually in love with my evening wear for this year as it's what I've spent most my money on (oops) but no doubt you'll see it in my holiday pictures!

I've seriously struggled to narrow down to just 7 bikinis but this is my final selection. The one above is a Kelly Brook cutie from New Look that I got in the sale and it fits a treat. I absolutely do not need anymore bikinis now!

This is all the jewelery i'm taking with me. Other than earrings, I don't tend to wear much in the day but for the evening, pile it on! This gorgeous necklace is one of my favourites and it was only £4 from Primark! To store all my jewelery I always put it in a clutch bag so it's all in one place.

Well that's all folks, I'm packed and ready to go. I have work today then I'm coming home to pamper and get into bed early as I'll be flying through the night! Super Excited! Sorry about it being so rushed I just wanted to get this up for you guys! Lots of love and see you in a week!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Holiday Travel Essentials Haul

It's nearly time, eeek! That's right folks, the holiday I've banged on about for several posts now is finally on the horizon. Me and the lovely BF go away Friday, so I've been frantic with last minute buying (including a delicious Grecian style white maxi) and today it was time to buy the holiday toiletries. I will be doing a 'pack with me' style blog post soon so keep your eyes out!

Travel Bottle Set
My lovely mother in law bought me these today as she'd overheard me saying I needed some the other day (what a babe) and are perfect for taking shampoo and conditioners without maxing out your weight limit. This time i'm going to be taking Tresemme Colour Radiance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner. I'm yet to decide what to put in the other bottles, hmm.

Sun Protection
I am obsessed with Hawaiian Tropic products. When I went away last year, I took several bottles of this lovely stuff, you can read about it here. Not only does it protect you but it smells amazing! To me it is literally the smell of summer. My only issue is that last year where my hair touched my skin, it got pretty oily so I was constantly washing it. When i'm poolside, this doesn't matter as my hairs either up or wet anyway.. But when I'm walking around exploring I decided I'd try the lotion, so i'll be back with a review on that one. But first sniff smells pretty damn good.

Hair Spray
Elnet is just the hairspray to have, and with my long locks it's the only one that really works. I decided to pick up this mini bottle (which was still pretty expensive, but oh so worth it) to save on weight, plus you can slot it in your clutch bag when you go out.

General Essentials
I don't think I need to tell you that washing and staying BO free on holiday is important, but that being said, you'd be surprised how often you can forget these sorts of things. I've also picked up a new toothbrush (which was one of the things I forgot last year) but I didn't photograph it because they're all the same... and hardly interesting haha.

Palmers Cocoa Butter
I love love love Palmers cocoa butter products. The smell, the texture and the feeling it gives your skin is just lush. Even though it's a pretty hefty bottle, I figured that I just couldn't live without it for as week so as far as the weight limit is concerned, it can sod off!

Nail Varnish Remover
Last year I went to Amsterdam and fell over a post in front of the Anne Frank Museum. There was a huge queue, lots of people and very embarrasing. I had a lovely bruise to remember it for the rest of my holiday and chipped the nail varnish on my toes and it irritated me all holiday because they looked a mess. So, to make sure I have pretty tootsies this year, I'm taking this badboy with me!

Storm Flower by Cheryl
I always want a fresh summer scent to take on holiday and this year, I just couldn't resist Cheryls new scent. I am her No:1 superfan so it just felt right. I've already began a full on love affair with this and that's just because of the bottle (how gorgeous). It cost me £27 for 50ml from Superdrug so not even superduper expensive. It smells really fruity and sweet but not overpowering so perfect for a holiday abroad. I also figured that because I practically wash in the stuff, when I clean out the bottle I can leave it on display because it's oh so pretty!

So that's what I've picked up so far, no doubt i'll end up buying a load more crap at the airport because thta's just what i'm like. I did say that I can treat myself to a MAC lippy in the airport, so i'll be no doubt blogging about that too when I get home! Until then, lots of love!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Autumn 2014 Lookbook

Well it's here, we're in September! Has anyone else blinked and missed this year? I certainly have. That being said, I'm excited to finally see all the delicious Autumn clothes flooding the stores (stop drooling Laura). Don't get me wrong, I love summer as much as the next person, but I adore Autumn for seeing the trees change colour, the clothes and getting snuggled up with the X-Factor and a cup of tea. That to me is absolute bliss! So, as I mentioned in my Elie Saab post, I wanted to do a Lookbook of outfits I like that may inspire my Autumn wardrobe this year, and I've added a few coats that have caught my eye.

You may find it strange that I'm even looking at coats if you saw how much I banged on about buying my parka last year (if you didn't see it, you can look Here and Here, yep I'm that sad.) Unfortunately, as much as I love wearing it, the spark between us has just gone. I was walking down the street and found myself wedged between about five women all walking the same direction. Then it struck me that we all were wearing parkas and looked pretty much exactly the same. I guess I just don't want to look exactly the same as everyone else on the highstreet. Does
anyone else feel this?

So as I mentioned, this prompted me to have a look at some new coats. While there aren't that many on the highstreet at the moment, I still found these lovely four and put the details below (top to bottom and left to right).

1. Zara Duffle Coat with Fur Hood/ £159.00 Here
For me, £159 is a little steep for a coat, but with Zara you know it will be high quality and when it's this cute, who can resist right? The fur on this coat is super cute too (can I use the word cute any more?!)

2. New Look Grey Textured Biker Coat/ £54.99 Here
This little cutie (oh yep, there it is) is boasting the 'leahter-look' sleeves that was all over the highstreet last winter. I think that this sort of coat, thrown together with a shirt some jeans and biker boots, is a quick and easy way to look put together but effortless. Love it.

3. New Look Burgundy Brushed Funnel Coat/ £49.99 Here
Burgundy for winter is kinda a no brainer. It looks fantastic with pretty much any colour and pair it with gold sparkly nails and you're a hit. This little number looks like it's a nice smart coat that you could wear to work or school, or anywhere for that matter.

4. New Look Navy Faux Trim Hooded Biker Duffle Coat/ £49.99 Here
Talk about a long name (what was New Look thinking with that one) but I actually tried on this lovely in store the other day and the quality feels amazing. Plus, the prices seem to be on the cheaper side when it comes to New Look coats.

Well, I think i've had enough of a ramble for now. Will I have bought one of these lovelies in a few weeks? Only time will tell. Until then, stay safe and wrap up warm because as the Starks of Winterfell would say... Winter is coming! 

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