Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What I got for Christmas 2014

Good evening all! This post is a wee bit late but I was fortunate to have lots of things so had to narrow down which ones I was going to talk about (I know right, lucky girl). I decided on the ones where the photos actually turned out, cause some were super dark. Not okay for my little space of the web. Anywho, babbling aside, I was super excited to present my family with their gifts and thankfully they all loved them which made me feel amazing for knowing them so well. My sister was actually in work on Christmas day so we waited to have dinner until she finished and welcomed her with party poppers. In the end we all had a wonderful day and it proves it really isn't about just gifts. That being said, they are a lovely bonus so without further adieu, here's what I got for Christmas.

I've been a big fan of Youtube Guru Zoella for a long time now and when I heard she had released a book I was desperate to get my hands on it. It's funny because I joke my mom, I mean Santa, has a knack for knowing what it is I want without me asking for it. this little gem was no exception and I found myself unwrapping it on Christmas day without telling anyone that I wanted it. I've begun reading it and so far so good, it's funny and charming and shaping up to be a really good read. Depending on when I finish it, I may review it as next months Book of the Month so keep your eyes peeled.

I think I mentioned this perfume in my What I got for my Birthday post (Here) and said then how much I love it. Since then, not much has changed and I still wash in the stuff daily. I think one of my new years resolutions should be to use less perfume on a daily basis as the volume I use in one go is getting to be a joke. That aside, it's still my #1 favourite scent ever.

For me, pearly whites are a reflection of good hygiene. I've really upped my tooth care lately as I had a problem with an apsis where it swelled my face up the day before my dissertation deadline. The pain it caused me was enough to make me never neglect my teeth again. Many people actually comment on how white my teeth are already but I wanted them to be even whiter and so I asked my dentist which at home whitening kits are best and he suggested this type. Then I just suggested it to Santa and was lucky enough to receive it. I am yet to try it but you know that as soon as I do I will be doing a full review.

Continuing on with my previous point, I really wanted to try an electric tooth brush and like always, Santa just knew what I wanted. This bad boy is actually not too expensive from what I hear (under £20) but you can't tell from the results. I've used this twice a day since and my teeth are beautifully clean. Plus it has a 2 minute timer which means I'm brushing for the correct time whereas with manual brushing I may not have reached this daily. Overall, very impressed but again I will do another full review soon.

You can imagine a beauty bloggers delight when she opens a box full of beauty goodies. First I unwrapped this Avon Glow bronzing powder which whilst I haven't been using it much in these winter months, it will be an absolute statement piece in Spring and summer. I have heard that this brand is especially good for giving you a natural glow.

Again, I'm a big fan of Avon products and these two glimmer stick are so pigmented, they're a dream come true. The blue liner is particuarily vibrant and it may be making an appearance on NYE. The golden bronze shade is beautiful too, it's super wearable and I think you could get away with wearing it everyday for a light smoky eye. The quality, from what I've seen so far, is superb and I am looking forwards to wearing them on a night out.

I am an avid fan of Eylure false eyelashes but recently saw these on my #1 girl crush Carli Bybel and thought that I had to put them on my Christmas Wish List. I haven't been disappointed and whilst they are super long, they're very 'wispy' as the name suggests. I created a smoky eye look for Christmas day as shown in the image of me above. I'm smiling because I love them so much. Plus, you get four in a set for just $15 but they do ship abroad.

I was actually hysterical when I unwrapped this bad boy as it seems to be one of the holy grail products for all make up lovers. The difference in the pigmentation of my eye shadows after using this is actually hilarious. Again, I will be doing a full review but from what I have seen so far, I'm very impressed with the versatility and quality of Mac Fix +.

And finally, what would Christmas be without some adorable new PJ's. I tell you I will be a 90 year old woman still in love with all things Disney. These Pj's, with their tartan theme, are just perfect for winter and they're so comfortable that they send me right off to sleep. I've also had some cute penguin ones of my nanny, thanks nan!

I've also received lots of other lovely goodies, included a beautiful lilac coat. Whilst it looks beautiful on the hanger, I'm not sure it looks as amazing on me, but my mother has assured me Santa would prefer me to swap it for something else if I'm not 100%. I still love it though!

I'll leave you with some pictures of Christmas Dinner, questionable d├ęcor aside. I even put a little cracker crown on my dog and shockingly, he actually left it on long enough for me to take this picture. And now, my lovely boyfriend has arrived for a film marathon so I'm off for now! Thanks for reading and have a lovely new year!

Monday, 29 December 2014

New Years Eve Lookbook

Good evening all, I've been trying to overcome the post Christmas blues by throwing myself into searching for that all important NYE outfit. Last years plans consisted of going to my boyfriends fathers pub with my family and dancing the night away. Honestly, the atmosphere was absolutely electric and I can't wait to do the same this year. For me, I want to go all out glamour with as much glitter as I can find. I'm even thinking of investing in some Mac pigment and go all out on the eyes. As always, I drove my family mad talking outfits, makeup and heels so thought what better to get in the spirit than to put together this look book. I've compiled a few dresses, heels and then a few nail looks to give you some inspiration. Enjoy!

(From Left to Right)
Blue Vanilla Sweetheart Neck Black Dress £20.00 Here
Lace Bodycon Tunic £36.00 Here
L.E Embellished Feather Hem Dress £125 Here
Chi Chi Lace Front Dress £26.99 Here
Pink Sequin Floral Hem Shift Dress £20.00 Here

As far as new year is concerned, it's all about glamour and going a little bit over the top. The first dress is actually completely the opposite of that, but I thought that it was so plain and simple you could go over the top with the accessories, plus at £20.00 it was cheap enough to splurge on the clutch.
The lace dress is again rather plain but the beautiful colour is enough to make anyone weep and would look amazing paired with all gold accessories. Now, on the other end of the price spectrum is this Limited edition Feather dress from Topshop. Rather pricey at £125, but is all the glitz and glamour you'll need in one dress. Plus, if you're wanting to make a statement, this is the way to do it.

Again, another plain dress with this Chi Chi lace front dress but if you want to still look glamorous it can be done with this simple beauty. And last but not least, an all glam dress in this pink sequinned beauty. Pair this with simple accessories and let the dress do all the talking. As to whether you'll be seeing me in these on my Instagram, that's for you to find out ;).

(From left to right)
Black Snakeskin Strappy Heels £24.99 Here
Stone Pointed Court Shoes £19.99 Here
Black Cut out Heel £27.99 Here
Gold Pointed Toe Court Shoes £10.00 Here
Shell Pink Platform Ankle Strap Heels £22.99 Here

I'm sorry, my taste in heels is a little safe I know. That being said, with so much glitter on the dress/outfit, I figured these plain-ish heels will go with whatever outfit you decide to put together. I'm a sucker for a good black heel and these strappy heels are so in fashion. Get the toes ready girls (and boys). Next onto my new fad of the moment, pointed heels. I like these because they're both nude and not super high for if you don't want to fully commit to heels.

These cut out little cuties are just too adorable for words and even though I already own 239420395482 pairs of black heels, I'm going shopping tomorrow and these will be joining my heel family. Again, pointy heels and by going for metalic, you can match them to any gold detailing on your clutch or outfit. Even jewelery will match making them work hard for your money. And finally, these pretty little pink darlings are just oh so girly and cute. I don't even know what they'd go with but when they're this pretty who cares?

Next, onto the all important NOTN. I'm all for glitter (no surprise there then) and think that gold is especially lovely. Here are just a few of my favourite designs on the WWW. My nails actually have shellac nail treatment on at the moment (more on that in another post) and will be painting gold glitter on the tips for my NYE outfit. What do you think of these nail designs?

Well that concludes a rather long post but hopefully one you have enjoyed. Making the most out of celebrating your year is important, no matter how bad your year has been. There is always some lesson to learn from. For me, this year I have graduated university, worked in a pub, my local COOP and gone to Fuerteventura to name a few. More personal issues have been to really begin to accept myself and grow up, leaving the irrelevant things in my past. Anywho, I'll leave my deep thoughts there as this may get a little too cheesy otherwise. What are your new years resolutions, I need some inspiration! 

Lots of love, Laura.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Vaseline Healthy Hands Hand Cream

Hello all, Christmas is already over, boo! I've had an absolutely lovely couple of days and feel so blessed by the people I have around me! Cheesy but true! Yesterday was a dream and watching my family open the presents I'd spent lots of time on really made the day for me. My sister Emily has been talking about Cards Against Humanity and she had no idea I'd surprised her to them. We played them after dinner and they are outrageous and hilarious in equal measures! I was also blown away by the gifts they brought me, they were all so thoughtful and 100% me. My sister Sophie even made me lipgloss, that's right, she made it. And what's more is it's a delicious pink and really good quality. I will be putting up a 'What I got for Christmas' post hopefully tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled.

Anywho, I thought I'd get my butt in gear and do a review today as I feel I've neglected my little old blog lately. I know that it's a part of life that we don't get as much time for our hobbies as we'd like but it still makes me feel a little guilty. Nonetheless, I thought my review of Vaseline Healthy Hands Hand Cream was perfect for this time as year as I think everyone is suffering from dry hands. Since starting my new job, I've noticed it a lot and decided to pick up this little package during my break.

I was drawn by a)The cute pink packaging (what a nerd) and b)The 'Stronger Nails' claim plastered on the front. Lately i've been trying to grow my nails so it was important for me. First of all, the smell of this hand cream is lovely and I can't imagine it being a scent that will offend anyone. Secondly, this product just works. You rub in a pea sized amount and you're good to go. It leaves the hands a little greasy for two minutes but after that your hands are moisturised for the rest of the day. As i'm in particuarily dry conditions, I keep it in my pocket and reapply throughout the day but I love it for the cuticles.

Overall for a quick purchase I'm happy it does the job it says on the tin. As for stronger nails, I've had multiple products in effect so can't say that it is 100% down to this cream that they are stronger. Nonetheless, I think it's a good product anyway. If you fancy giving it a try, you can pick up this little travel bottle from Boots for £3.29 here  or invest in the larger bottle, which I now also own, for £5.39 here also from boots. Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas! Love you all.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

What I got for my Birthday

Good morning eveyone, I have work today and thought I would put together this post before my shift. Last Thursday was my 22nd Birthday and I felt so blessed by all the wonderful people in my life and the lovely gifts they showered me with. Definitely feeling the love! I actually had a 7-4pm shift at work that day but got up and got stuck in and as a result, the shift just flew by. I finished my shift and went to my boyfriends house where his family gave me their gifts and even made me a roast dinner because they know I love them. I felt very touched indeed. Not only that, but they came out with a beautiful Frozen cake and sang me happy birthday (Check out my Instagram on the left for a picture!).

Following that, I went home to meet up with my family as they returned from work and opened all their presents. Overall it was an absolutely wonderful day. Plus, I'd booked the weekend off so I went out on the Friday night to celebrate with my friends and was overwhelmed by the amount of people who turned up to celebrate with me! It has certainly been a birthday to remember, especially with all these lovely goodies. Take a look and see what you think, I'm in love!

My sister Emily knows my love of a good selfie and decided to treat me to this selfie stick. I've never owned one before and I think they're hilarious! I'm yet to try it out but when I do I'm sure the results will be fantatic. They make taking photos of a lot of people hugely easier as your arm can reach long enough to get everyone in the shot. Overall, very happy with this little gadget.

Frozen is one of my favourite films (hence the birthday cake) and to continue on with the theme, Ste's family treated me to this adorable little cake set in the theme of Frozen. I may even pick up some blue edible glitter and really go to town on the cakes because they look adorable. 

Again, my love for Frozen knows no bounds. I actually already owned the DVD but lost it somewhere in my house (far too common with me these days!) and so was delighted when my sister Sophie bought me this swanky copy. It's part of the limited edition packs and looks amazing! I also love the film Tangled which my lovely boyfriend bought me a copy of, since I no longer have Netflix, I couldn't watch it and it just broke my heart! Now the two together look the part sat atop my shelf.

I have never been one for going all out on one pair of lashes, usually sticking to Eylure Girls aloud ones. That being said, I kept hearing about House of Lashes products and they peaked my curiosity. So when my dear mother asked me if there was anything I wanted for my birthday, I offered up this suggestion. I'm so glad I did as they are wonderful and really pull together and eye makeup look. I've only worn them once for my birthday but I'm beyond impressed by the quality. They don't come with glue but since I have owned so many eylure ones, I always have some lying about.

I actually bought this kit for my sisters birthday and loved it so much that I nearly kept it for myself. I'm glad I didn't because she loves it. What's more, finding myself unwrapping this from my boyfriend was lovely as it's something he knows I've wanted. I'm not a huge fan of blushers so having a range of colours all in one place is ideal for me. I wont go into much more detail than that as I will be doing a full review soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

Again, Revolution have really caught my interest with their products and this palette was no exception. It has such a good range of colours that I had to try it on my birthday and was super impressed with the results. From what I've seen so far, the colours are very pigmented. Again, I wont say much more as I will be doing a huge review of this at some point and hopefully some eyemakeup looks to go alongside it.

I usually use my Real Techniques blending brush for the crease but lately I've found it doesn't blend quite as well as I would like. When my boyfriend was stuck for ideas, I spotted this little beauty on Amazon for a very reasonable £3. I've actually been blown away by how brilliant this brush is. It's super soft and blends my eyeshadow out flawlessly. Overall I am super impressed with this little beauty!

Okay we all know my love for a good night out and I do tend to drink a little while i'm out. My mom heard of my love for Barefoot Moscato and bought me a bottle of the Pinot Grigio to try and while I did like it, it's a very strong wine. Now as for the Disaronno, I absolutely love the stuff. It is my all time favourite drink as it tastes like Cherry Coke. You can imagine my delight when I not only opened this gorgeous Versace bottle but the monster litre bottle. Very happy girly indeed.

I love to watch anime and draw the characters I like and recently came upon the Letraset Promaker pens. They are amazing quality but a little pricey. My lovely boyfriend (the babe that he is) has treated me to a new set every birthday and always encourages me to draw more. We actually joke about this one unfinished drawing I've done, which I'm pretty proud of, but needs to be completed. Only time will tell if I actually get the courage to complete it!

My boyfriends little sister is more than that to me, she's more like my little sister. You can imagine my surprise when I opened this travel mug that she has personalised. We often goad each other on into being silly so she's put the caption "why be normal when its so much more fun to be weird" and then accompanied it with lots of pictures of us. I actually felt like crying when I saw it because it's such a thoughtful gift and I know she's put time into it. I can't wait to use it!

I've mentioned this perfume many times before but as always, I absolutely adore it and it's always first on my wish list! This big bottle is just what the doctor ordered and I can't wait to wear it out. It's actually been voted number 1 celebrity perfume (don't quote me on that) and I completely agree with it, it's perfect!

I have always loved the videos on youtube where beauty guru's show of their makeup collections and the clever storage they use. In particular, the clear acrylic cases just look professional and I've always wanted one. You can imagine my surprise when I opened this bad boy. It has a section in the front for brushes that can be removed or tilted back so you can store it in a draw. The very next day I put together a beauty draw with this included. It looks fantastic so I will be doing a post on it sometime soon.

My hair is getting pretty long now so when I opened this badboy from my boyfriends nan I was more than curious. I was amazed to find that it actually works. It glides through the hair without snagging or any pulling. It's amazing and I'm kicking myself for not investing in one sooner. Plus with the cute lilac colour it looks great in my new beauty draw,

Overall, I've had an absolutely amazing birthday and feel so blessed with the people I have around me. I've reached a point in my life where, whilst I'm not in my ideal career, every other aspect of my life is literally perfect. I can't wait to get my car and see where life takes me. You're reaching me in a very happy place indeed. Well, thats all from me, I'm off to work and my taxi will be here any minute now. Thanks as always!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Book of the Month: Gone Girl

Hello all, I went out for my birthday last night and today I am definitely feeling worse for wear, so I decided it had to be book review time! This time around, it's all about 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn, the electric new read on every ones lips. I first heard the buzz around this book when the film was released and decided that I just had to read it. When I went in Sainsburys to buy my dinner, I spotted the book and knew it had to come home with me.

Upon reaching the counter, the cashier mentioned the book and that her daughter loved it. That part was absolutely fine, the fact she then went on the tell me the ending and thus ruining the book for me, less okay. I stood there thinking "what the hell, Spoliers!!" Despite the cashiers blunder, I decided to buy the book anyway and I'm glad I did.

The story centres around Nick, who early on learns his wife, Amy, has been kidnapped. The police become involved and shortly after, begin to suspect him. The story centres around his journey and finding out the truth as to what happened to her. The story is broken up by entries from Amy's diary, which gives insight into both of the characters.

Overall, despite being a slightly unsettling read, it was a gripping read that I couldn't put down. Gillian's style of writing is clever and keeps you guessing right to the end. Plus, Nick and Amy are such believable and interesting characters to read about. As of yet, I haven't seen the film but would very much like to as the book has met expectations. The only thing I didn't like was the ending as I would have preferred a different outcome, but that is just me wanting it my way which can't be helped!

If you're interested in reading this book, you can pick it up from Amazon Here in multiple formats. I give it the thumbs up. Have you read it and if so what do you think? Let me know in the comments below! Please be aware that if people do comment discussing the book there may be spoilers so read with caution! Thanks for reading and lots of love!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Reasons to LOVE December

Hello all, I'm utilising another post to waffle about all the things I love about December. I love writing these sorts of posts because it makes me appreciate the little things so much more. Plus, I get to look at lots of Christmassy (not a word?) pictures that get me in the spirit! There is no holiday quite like Christmas and December is the time to fill your social calendar. Since changing jobs, I've filled up my weeks by going to the german market, parties and all sorts of fun things. Plus, my wardrobe has never seen so many new incomers. Well, before I waffle any more, on the the post!

1. Dark Nights
No, I don't mean the Batman kind. Many people actually hate how the dark evenings seep in but I actually love it. I love how the Christmas lights are illuminated and sitting in front of the fire is just that little bit cosier.

2. Christmas
Do I really need to say anymore. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, it's recieving lots of presents (yay) but more importantly, giving presents that we know our loved ones will enjoy. What's more, spending quality time with family, which in our hectic lives isn't always as often as we'd like. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to stuff our faces and not give a crap.

3. Snow
Some people see snow as a major inconvenience and in many ways it is but it's oh so fun! I love playing in the snow and making snowmen, I seriously need to grow up. First thing I'm doing is building Olaf (I like warm hugs!) and have a snowfight. If it makes in in time for a a white Christmas, it literally just makes the day 100% more amazing!

4. Sequins, Glitter and Parties
My social calendar is literally rammed full this time of year and I love nothing more than a good excuse to don the glitter. All things fur are also welcome and give us all the more reason to look forwards to the dark nights!

5. Hot Chocolates
I know you don't have to limit hot chocolates to just December but in the winter months it becomes more of an event. Plus, I don't feel half as guilty lamping on the whipped cream and marshmallows which are completely essential in my opinion.

6. Christmas Movies
Christmas movies have so much more to them compared to normal movies (massive statement there) as they just make you feel happy and grateful of what we have. Some of my favourites include Polar Express, Elf, It's a Wonderful Life and most of all Miracle on 34th Street.

So thus concludes another fairly pointless, but very fun, post to write. We all know why we love December, mainly Christmas. I know I'm an adult now that I'm more excited to give presents this year than receive them, what about you guys? Let me know in the comments below!

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