Friday, 28 February 2014

Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick

With products I review, I generally either love them or hate them. With the Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick it's neither and I really can't decide how I feel about it. I brought it on a whim whilst doing my shopping and Morrisons a while ago to get rid of blemishes following parties and such. I've been using it ever since to get a really good feel for it but I'm really on the fence.

Firstly, the packaging and the application. As far as design, it's cute and a handy travel size. However, I'm not really a fan of the application. It's a push-up bottom which you then blot on blemishes as and when you need. The reason I don't like this is because I feel like I'm moving the germs around, ew. The smell, which usually isn't something I usually take into consideration, is heavily alcoholic and makes me feel like I'm putting some serious chemicals on my face. Also, I don't have particularly sensitive skin but it does feel a little irritated for a few seconds after I put it on. One positive is that although it is a bright blue, it comes out completely clear.

Now down to the meat of this review, the results. I found that the results of using the blemish stick were widely variable.  Sometimes, I put it on blemishes before bed and they would be completely gone in the morning, others would not shift until a week later. I think this may mean that it only works on certain types of spots, perhaps ones that are from clogged pores, not hormonal ones. As to whether I would buy this product again, I really don't like how 'chemical' it feels on my skin (does that even make sense?) I would much prefer to tackle spots and blemishes with something that is more gentle on my skin.

If you want to try the Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick, you can pick it up for just £1.92 from Superdrug here. Overall, I would say that it is a reasonably good product, great price but I don't like the application or chemical feel. For really stubborn spots, you might want to give it a go. Have you tried it? If so let me know what you think below.


  1. A lovely Indian colleague at work recommend fresh lemon juice (about a tablespoon worth) mixed with two tablespoons of warm water. Using cotton wool wipe around your face and on blemishes. It should tingle for a little bit, leave on for 2-3 minutes then wash off with water. Voila! This really works my problem skin is brightening up that and drinking water ALL the time! xxxx

    1. What a good tip! I swear I am a complete novice when it comes to at home skin care tips and tricks so keep them coming! x


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