Saturday, 29 March 2014

Missguided Must-Haves

From left to right:
Zuzka Dogtooth Tailored Belted Playsuit £29.99
Herminia Dogtooth Cut Out Back Mini Dress £29.99
Sienna Slinky Crossover Back Midi Dress In Lilac £24.99
Mesh Panel Midi Dress In White £35.00
Kaora Floral Shift Frill Dress £22.99
Bruixa Floral Chiffon Strappy Maxi Dress £24.99
Sienna Slinky Crossover Back Midi Dress In Red £24.99

You would think that with all this work on, that I would give my beady eyes a rest from window shopping. Oh no my little dears, ever the clothes addict, I’ve still found time to browse through sites drooling over the current stock. No more so than Missguided, I want everything. So to set your inner clothes addict atwitter, I’ve put together all the dresses I want, this list could have been hugee. After all, for all of them it’s only £192.64 right?

So first, those two little pink beauties, one is a playsuit, the other is a backless dress. I don’t think I’d buy both (then again I wouldn’t put it past me) because they’re similar print. I can just imagine me on holiday in the backless dress with my hair in a ponytail with white wedges and clutch, how cute?!

Also, can we just take some time to gaze at that lilac lovely? I’m seeing this style of neckline everywhere and I love it, it seems really classy to me. The lilac colour is literally spot on trend for spring too, plus I already own a matching nail polish (Rimmel Mary Mary Quite Contrary) so I have to get it really (eventually *sigh*).

Now seriously, this post could have been a hell of a lot longer thanks to Nicole’s delicious collection on misguided atm. She is literally stunning and while I don’t really warm to her personality (controversial I know) I can admit that she has damn good style.

The other three dresses are ones I could see myself wearing on holiday, first one to the airport with a leather jacket (cause it’s Britain and it’ll still be cold knowing our summers), on the beach and then the red for dinner.

I’ve really restrained myself (can you tell?) so what do you think of my selections? Have you got a lust list currently? Care to share, comments below!

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