Tuesday, 1 September 2015

BH Cosmetics Online Spree

Hello you lovely lot and welcome to September! I don't know about any of you but the fact we're already into our ninth month scares me to death, where has this year gone? Anything even remotely stressful and you can guarantee I'll use it as an excuse to shop. So it's not really any surprise to see that I've done it once again, this time all from the lovely BH cosmetics.

Following a long and tiring day at work, I got myself a big mug of tea and sat down to watch the new videos from my favourite Youtube beauty gurus. One of these videos was of the lovely Carli Bybel talking all about her new eyeshadow palette that she designed with BH cosmetics. I was so impressed by what I saw that I went straight on the website to pre order it. While it wasn't available to pre-order, it did lead me to all the other palettes BH have to offer. Unfortunately, there was a sale on so naturally I ended up walking away with a blusher, a brow bar and three eyeshadow palettes. If you want to find out what I bought, keep reading.

1. Flawless Brow Trio in Light: $5.5 Sale (Full price $7).
I am not one to get super excited about brow products, which considering they make the most difference to your face, is a little silly. Recently, I've been setting out to find the perfect brow shade for me. Needless to say I am looking for a needle in a haystack as my ash blonde brows remain un-matched. I think this is a particular issue with brow makeup today, they don't cater for us with blonde brows! So if you're having trouble too, keep an eye out as, along with all the other products here, I will be reviewing this extensively soon. At just $5.50 it works out at a tiny £3.58. You might spend that on a sandwich at work or parking to buy some bread. So, leave the bread for one day and buy this!

2. Forever Nude Palette: $8 Sale (Full price $22).
I think it's time to admit that nude palettes are my Kryptonite. This particular palette, with it's cute packaging, gave such a glamorous, girly vibe that I could not leave the website without it. I have watched Carli use this palette in many of her tutorials and always love the pretty girly looks she manages to create using this palette alone. I always made the assumption that BH palettes would be too expensive to warrant me buying them so despite loving it, I didn't even bother to look into getting one for myself. I am so glad that I came across this palette again and at $8 it works out at just £5.21 which for a palette like this, I am more than willing to pay.

3. Blushed Neutrals Palette: $8 Sale (Full price $20).
As I mentioned earlier, I am an absolute sucker for nude and matte eyeshadow palettes. I have six or seven palettes knocking around that are all varying shades of matte brown. But, as we are speedily approaching Autumn, the Autumnal colours in this palette caught my eye. From previous experience I know that red and purple toned browns really bring out blue eyes so I was enticed by the range of colours in this set. As if the 26 eyeshadows aren't enough, they have also thrown in five blushers for good measure. I'm not a huge blush person but perhaps that's because I haven't found the right colour for me. Again, at $8 it works out at just £5.21. You can't get a palette this size anywhere for that!

4. Galaxy Chic Palette: $9 Sale (Full price $20)
Anyone who knows me reasonably well will know that I'm not really one for wearing super bright shadows on my eyes. But when I saw how beautiful this palette was I had to have it, simply to look at it, let alone use it. Perhaps all this time, I have just been waiting for the right palette to come along to teach me the right way to wear bright colours. I have included a close up picture of this palette above because it is so unbelievably beautiful I want you to see it in all it's glory. The galaxy theme and genius idea to name each shadow after a planet is enough to rope me in and waiting for it to arrive is going to be torture. 

5. Floral Blush duo in Daisy: $FREE 
Now as someone who's career has been centered around customer satisfaction, good customer service goes a long way with me. This is the first time I've ever bought anything from BH cosmetics and I'm only going on word of mouth as to how good these products are. So it's a gamble with my money if I end up disliking the products. So when I went to my basket after having a spree on the website, I noticed at the bottom was a blusher. My first thought was that i'd added it by mistake in my shopping frenzy. Well, you can imagine my surprise when they asked me to choose a colour because it is free alongside my order. I realise that this is most likely a marketing scheme but I think to include anything free for your customers to try is beyond generous and paints the people at BH in a very good light for me. If I find these products to be of a good quality, you can call me a BH fan forever. 

Well that is all from me for now, until my next post you will find me stalking my postman for my delivery. The next 8-10 days are going to be a long wait but as I mentioned earlier, I will be doing full reviews on all the products you've seen here so keep checking back. As always, thank you for reading.


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