Monday, 24 August 2015

Monthly Diary: August

Photographs: Not my own Edited: By me

Hello my lovely readers. I sat down at my laptop today and realised it had been so long since I'd done a monthly diary and thought with so much going on in my life, there was no better time to pick it back up. You're not reaching me in the best of places today I'm afraid as I'm currently sat in bed off from work, ill with a stomach bug and feeling very sorry for myself. I am the worst person for self pitying when I'm ill and after having a horrible day in work ill yesterday I knew I had to take today for getting myself back on the mend. I hate having sick days from work, purely because not only are you inconveniencing work but you're also loosing money for being ill. It's a double dose of crap if you ask me!

I think part the reason I've got ill is because I've been so unbelievably stressed lately that I think it's now weakened my immune system. Why have I been so stressed? Well as the regular readers among you may know, since finishing university I've got a 'stop-gap' job at my local Co-operative store where I am funding myself learning to drive and saving for a car. I'm probably a month or so from going in for my test and only one pay check away from having all the money for my car and insurance. 

Well whilst all this was going on, my little place of work wasn't doing so well. So unwell in fact that we had a meeting and were informed that the store would be closing the end of September and essentially we may all be out of jobs. Fortunately, the nature of the Co-operative is that there are many stores dotted about and they have told us that we can be placed in other stores. They really are looking after us, so much so I've been offered a promotion in another store as Deputy Manager. Considering I have not even been with the company a full year yet, it is a huge compliment that they think I'm so capable and believe in me so. However, the prospect of working higher up the ladder scares me no end. 

I have been applying for other jobs too but really still have no idea what I want to do. Many of the regular customers who are now well aware of the predicament have been asking me why I'm not doing something with my degree. Ideally, I would love to move to somewhere sunny and work as a Marine Biologist. However, my family, friends and boyfriend are all here and it is here that I have built a life for myself. 

With all these things on my mind and the closure of the store ever looming, it's easy to see why I'm so stressed out all the time. I think if I really think about it, all I want is a 9-5 Monday to Friday job where I can build a career and feel fulfilled in my job. They always say that knowing what you want is half the battle. 

Considering it's  August I ought to be on holiday not worrying about a thing. Well the boyfriend and I have still yet to actually book the holiday. With everything that's been happening I think I need one more than ever. Plus in true blogger style, I've already bought all the clothes and makeup I intend to take. Got the important things sorted then!

How do you lovely readers feel August is treating you? Perhaps you're having a wonderful summer and if so please tell me all about it in the comments below, I'd love to hear some happy stories! What we always have to remind ourselves is that it's the important things in life like family and friends that really matter. Things have a way of working out and when one door closes, another is sure to open. Thank you as always for reading my rambles and thank you for the emails and messages I've had from some of you, they mean the world to me! As always, lots of love...

Friday, 21 August 2015

New Look, Primark and Lush Haul

Hello you lovely lot! Surprise surprise Laura has been shopping! Only a little shop but there was good cause I swear. As many of you may know, it was results day for many students yesterday. Among them was my boyfriends little sister (so my little sister too) and the absolute smartypants smashed her results! That in itself earned some much needed shopping and treating of ourselves. She was buying bits and bobs from college and me, well I was just buying for the sake of it. Anywho, to see what I've been buying read on!

Sleeveless Blazer: Primark

These blazers are everywhere at the moment and for a while I really couldn't see their appeal. I figured why would you wear a coat with no sleeves. Then, British weather promptly reminded me that it is as unpredictable as it is crappy! Sometimes it's rainy but warm, cold but sunny. The idea behind these is that you can wear a long sleeved top or jumper underneath and brave whatever the British weather throws at you. So, once I figured their appeal, I spotted this number and after finding it fit like a glove, I made it mine.

Cold Shoulder Dress: New Look
Cold Shoulder Top: Primark

I absolutely love cold-shoulder dresses which is this summers version of the standard cami. I've yet to book a holiday but have had no trouble at all filling my wardrobe for the occasion. This little dress is perfect for throwing on with a tan bag, flip-flops and sunnies and you're ready to go. 

I saw the little top and had to have it. Despite it's creasing (which is annoying I must say), its super cute and floaty on. These sorts of tops can but thrown on over jeans and heels for meals or a day out. Cute and practical! Plus the crochet sleeves are so cute, I just had to have it!

Strappy Heels: New Look

I think that 'Barely There' heels are the best thing since sliced bread. I already own this particular pair in white and when I casually walked past the shoe section in New Look, I honed in on the black pair straight away. Contrary to what you think, they are actually really comfortable and rub my feet way less than normal heels due. Naturally, my white pair where getting lonely so I had to buy the black. I'm running out of excuses to buy things I don't need...

Rose-Gold Watch: New Look

You may have seen on Instagram my old rose gold watch. Anything rose gold and I'm all over it and I wore my old one to death. I'd be wearing it still but it somehow ended up on the floor and I heard a crunch underfoot. Yep, this idiot trod on her beloved watch! I'm not quite done with the old one and hope to get the screen fixed but spotted this little beauty in the meantime. I love it!

Multipack Earrings: New Look

I love love love wearing delicate little earrings and while buying my watch (above) I spotted these. The picture really doesn't do them justice as they are much smaller than it suggests. When worn, I've received so many compliments on how pretty they look. Little tip, If you're like me and loose earrings all the time... keep them on the card they come in and hang them on a pin in your wardrobe. You can clearly see what you have and you can always keep track.

Well that's all for now, I'm internet shopping (yes really) for a new bag seen as though I spilt double cream in the one I'm using now (yes really.) If you're still here thank you for reading! Lots of love,

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Wedding of Mark and Victoria Gowanlock

Dress: Very, Shoes: New Look

Hello all, you may remember a few months ago I was putting up post after post for "what to wear to a wedding". Well after much deliberation and frantic internet shopping I finally decided upon this gorgeous Samantha Faier's dress from Very. It was a cheeky £59.99 but was so different from anything I'd seen anywhere else I had to buy it. As for the wedding itself, it was such a beautiful day I just had to do a blog post for you all (I hope you don't mind Victoria). 

The wedding took place at Clearwell Castle which is by far the most beautiful place I have ever been. The grounds and the castle itself make the perfect location for a wedding. As for Victoria's dress, It was so beautiful and fit her like a glove. I particularly love the photo of Mark stood at the altar with Victoria looking absolutely stunning walking towards him. If you ask me, or anyone for that matter, they will all tell you they are every bit the perfect couple. 

My family and I have all agreed that this was the best wedding we've ever been to. Perfection from start to finish! Plus, nothing makes you feel better than knowing you're in a nice outfit and have taken some time putting yourself together. The photographs from the day are absolutely stunning and there were so many lovely shots. I've only picked my favourite ones here but the Photographer Mark Boynton has many more of their wedding and the rest of his work on his website here. They were such friendly boys that they got stuck in with the (rather tipsy) dancing from the rest of the quests later on in the evening and caputured what really was a lovely day.

With so much negativity in the news and about the place, it's nice to see days like these going ahead to remind us of the more positive goings on in life. I know it cheered me up no end and whenever I'm feeling down i'll always think back to how lovely it was. I can only hope my own wedding (someday) will be half as lovely as this one was so thankyou Victoria and Mark for inviting us! As always, thanks for stopping by,


Friday, 7 August 2015

Weekend Wants

Hello all, It's me again. For me, today is the day that we wait all month for. You know what it is, payday! Every month payday comes around by which point I am so starved of weath I splurge on everything ready to be poor for the next one. This time around, I refuse to do the same. So why the weekend wants post you ask? Well, my plan is to really think about what I really want, or more boring, need from my wages and get them in order of usefulness. Sounds like a good plan right? We all know plans often go astray but nonetheless here are my makeup wants that I may (will) be buying sometime soon (probably tomorrow).

First off is the Mac Lipstick in shade Brave (£15.50) and is a beautiful dark pink hue. You may recall I put a few outfit posts for a wedding I was attending. It was at that wedding that the bridesmaids (my sister included) were wearing the beautiful Mac Brave. It was so lovely that I had to ask what it was and has been on my brain ever since. I don't really need it but I think it will go so nicely in my Mac collection that I must have it.

Next is another from MAC in the pigment variety called Kitschmas (£16.00). It is described as a beautiful shimmering pink/mauve pearl. I recently bought a whole weeks worth of holiday clothes (for a holiday I still haven't booked, oops) and amongst them was a mauve crop top. It really is the cutest thing you've ever seen and I could think of nothing better than wearing a matching mauve shimmery eye to sparkle when I'm in the sunshine. There's no want about this, I need it.

The next want is from Too Faced and it amazes me that to this day I am yet to own a Too Faced eyeshadow palette. Well I fully intend to change that with the Boudoir and Love eyeshadow palettes that are just too pretty to be without. The Boudoir palette (£25.00) is a collection of pinks and neutral toned eyeshadows used to create girly, flirty makeup looks. They seem to be the kind of shadows that you can wear in the day or night which is a huge plus. I am completely in love with the oh so cute packaging too. Next up is the Love palette (£34.00) which has lots of different shimmery eyeshadows. The design also shows three different colour schemes to dress up your eyes with. Shimmery eyeshadows in hearts? I am sold.

Finally, after my Estee Lauder foundation and I have been in a faithful relationship for sometime now, I thought it only fair I meet the family. On holiday a full foundation can be a bit heavy on the skin, which has tempted me to look into the Double Wear All Day Glow BB cream. It comes highly recommended by the likes of Zoella which is enough for me to consider splashing £30 of my hard earned cash on it.

As always, I have demonstrated my skill of providing excuse after excuse to buy things I don't need. We all know that these items will probably be making their way into my makeup collection in the next coming days and as always, when I do (no longer an if at this point) you can be sure that I will be reviewing them in detail. As always it has been a pleasure and thank you for reading!


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My Dream Room

Hello guys, I'm sorry it has been so long. You've probably all jumped ship by now and honestly, I wouldn't blame you. Between my camera breaking (sob), not being able to afford a new one as I'm saving for my car and work being literally HECTIC, I've had no time to do quality posts. I didn't want to spam my blog with rushed, crappy posts with poor quality photos taken on my phone. That's just not me. But please trust me when I say taking some time away has really been needed. 

That all being said, I'm back with an inspo post! With all my sisters still living in the family home, what was once a big house feels that much smaller. Something that others with siblings can probably relate to. Well my father has kept his little shrine, A.K.A study, well away from the rabble and babble of the rest of the household. However, as we are all growing older he has suggested that it could potentially be converted into a forth bedroom which would alleviate the need for me and my older sister to share. 

Now nothing is by any means set in stone, but it has given me plenty of excuse to oggle room design inspo to my hearts content. While it probably wont happen, I hope you enjoy having a mosy at these as much as I have and who knows, perhaps it will inspire you to convert an unwanted space. Thank you for reading as always, let me know which is your favourite in the comments below!

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