Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Review// Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour Gloss


The Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour lip gloss (quite a mouthful) seem to have been a non-stop topic on blogs. I first heard about them from a friend, we were in Portugal and she was wearing a bright red lip that stayed on all day despite the heat.  Since seeing that staying power, these have been a non-mover in my wish list. It was my lovely boyfriend that brought it for me in the end (what a good boyfriend, cheeseee) hoping it wouldn't come off on him as much as some of my others have. 

 1. Ravishing Rouge 2. Perpetual Peony 3. Til Mauve Do Us Part 4. Never Ending Nude 5. Consistently Truffle (image taken from

The first thing i noticed was the packaging. Unlike most lipglosses on the highstreet, this product came boxed which, though you probably wouldn't keep it in the box in your makeup bag, was a nice touch. It also means no cretins in store can fiddle with them (which has happened more often than you'd want.)

There are a huge range of colours available which is great for creating loads of lasting makeup looks, not so good for your bank balance as they sell for £8.99 each. A little costly as far as high street lip glosses are concerned (that and i'm on a student budget i.e nothing.) My excuse was that in the long run, they'll cost less as cheaper ones you'd re-apply more, use up faster etc. Really you can use whatever excuse works for you.
The colour I decided upon was the Ravishing Rouge (after much oohing and aahing over the different colours i assure you) as I am a sucker for a good bright red lip. The lipgloss comes with two sections, the intensive colour which is applied first and the balm to seal. I've used this product for about a week and I can honestly say I love it. It's a rich all over coverage, and stays put all day. In fact, I wore it yesterday and despite taking my makeup off last night, there are still remnants of it on my lips. My one criticism of this product is that it feels a little drying. That being said, you can re-apply the balm whenever your lips feel dry. Maybelline also sell a small 'Balm only' product which is handbag friendly. I'm yet to use it for a night out but when i do, I trust that i won't even need to keep it in my clutch as i'm that confident it will not budge.

Overall, very happy and even students like myself cannot grumble at the cost as it's worth every penny. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Much Love,

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