Saturday, 29 November 2014

Gift S.O.S for Her

Evening all, it's coming round to that time of year again! I came home from a long day at work to my living room decorated in all it's Christmas splendour (if you want a sneak peak look in my Instagram pictures to the left!) With all the Christmas magic around, it got me thinking about the gifts that will be under the tree. Fortunately, as I mentioned in my previous post, I'm 90% done with my gift buying but I know lots of people who haven't even started. If you fall into that category, don't fret! I've provided you will some ideas for her as I know that I generally find boys are easier to buy for (but I will do a boys only gift guide). I hope they help!

Bee Clutch Bag £45.00 Here
This little clutch is the cutest clutch bag I've ever seen and the bee theme will carry through to spring and summer. It is on the more expensive side but I tend to buy one more expensive item and lots of stocking fillers so this may be great for that. Other clutch bags are great too, anything super glittery and you've aced winter trends!

Pink Beaut Makeup Bag £6.99 Here
Us girls (and boys!) love makeup, so it stands to reason that we need to store the stash! This cute little makeup bag is simple so shouldn't offend anyone and you can also pop some goodies inside it as an added extra. If you know someone loves something in particular then you may want to get a makeup bag with that theme for that added touch.

Christina Aguilera by Night £19.50 Here
I think we're probably all aware that this perfume is my life. I absolutely wash in the stuff everyday so I can 100% vouch for it's deliciousness. This is a very deep scent (if that makes sense?) but if you know the person in question likes more floral scents try something like Marc Jacobs Daisy. Again, personalisation here is key as it's shown you've gone the extra mile.

Light Brown Wheat Pug £9.99 Here
So I don't even know what this really is but hey, everyone loves pugs! They're hilarious and look super cute doing just about anything! I assume that this little cutie is put in the microwave and acts a a hand warmer to get cosy with when it's cold. It's adorable and it warms cold fingers or toes, what more can you ask for?

Digital Gem iPhone 5 Case £16.00 Here
If you're really stuck, and I mean reallyyy stuck, a phone case is something that is reasonably fool proof. If you know their phone model and something they like, you know it's something they will use. You may not use this as the main present but may add a little extra when you want add a little more to the pile.

Red Snowman Fairisle Knitted Socks Here
I know everyone gets socks for Christmas but it's the only sock injection my collection gets throughout the year. The amount of times that I get to November and I'm in desperate need of some new ones is actually a joke! Make them more of a gift by making them festive or themed with something they like. Easy peasy!

Well that's all. Other ideas may include alcohol (Disaronno, yum!), or jewellery or an experience, get inventive! The main thing isn't the gifts, it's the fact that you've thought about another person and what will make them happy. Keep that in mind when you start to get overwhelmed. It's about more than just gifts. I hope this helps and good luck with your gift grabbing! 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Monthly Diary: November

Good evening lovely readers, I hope this post is reaching you curled up in front of a cosy fire! I thought I would do a diary post this month as there have been some pretty big changes in my life at the minute and I find it so therapeutic to write them all in a blog post and hopefully, it's something interesting for you to read.

Around this time of year, as more and more Christmas ads creep on telly, the present buying panic starts to set in. Last year, I brought all of my presents the week running up to Christmas and it stressed me out so this year I promised I wouldn't do it again. I'm actually already sorted with everyone's presents this time around, only needing to buy a few bits for the boyfriends family, call me Miss Organised! I've already received some in the post and awaiting others and now I can't wait for the big day to see everyone's faces! Some of the things I've bought for people I really want myself, whoops.

Christmas aside, I've actually recently changed jobs too. My final shift at my local pub was last night and I was on the brink of tears all night. The people I work with are one big family, lots of annoying little brothers haha, but people I'll miss so much and would consider great friends. The shift itself was completely hectic and I was determined to work really hard and go out with a bang. We ended up staying for drinks which then ended up as a McDonald's run at 2AM, not clever but fun.

You're probably wondering after reading this why I'm leaving at all, which is something I've been asking myself. Whilst I love the job, the late hours that come with bar work make it difficult to see my friends and make any plans. They also overlap with my families jobs so I feel like I never see them despite living with them. Now, I'm joining my local Midcounties Co-operative for a higher wage and more regular hours. I also won't have to work Christmas day or till the early hours of Christmas Eve morning. That being said, i'm still sad that I'm not going to be working with the same lovely people.

Overall, I think it's a better job and I do think I'm making the right decision (finally). As for what I want to do in life, career wise, I haven't decided but it's a decision I want to take time with. There's no rush as long as there's money coming in. I'm currently working towards gaining my driving license and until then, my feet are firmly planted in the Co-Op. All I know is that there is a career for me out there and i'm going to take my time in finding it.

What about you guys, have you found that all perfect career for you? Have any advice for me? As always, let me know in the comments below! Thanks as ever for reading and have a lovely evening! 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Birmingham German Market

Images: 3-10, 14, 15 mine, 1,2, 11, 12, & 13 from Tumblr. 

Hello all, I am happy to say that I am well and truly in the Christmas spirit. Last night, my sister and I decided on a spontaneous trip to the German Market in Birmingham. For me, It's a "must-visit" destination if your Christmas spirit is yet to make an appearance. We got wrapped up in our warmest clothes, even donning the earmuffs which have yet to make an appearance this month. In fact, part of the fun for me is the dressing warmly to avoid the cold nipping at your fingers! 

As for the German Market itself, Birmingham delivers every year. Last year I tried Apple mulled wine and absolutely hated it which is strange as I generally love 99.9% of alcohol (whoops). This year, we avoided it completely and tried the raspberry cider instead and while it did taste suspiciously like it had been watered down, it was absolutely yummy. Following that, the heavenly scent of Nutella crepes wafted over until till we could resist it no longer. So delicious but so messy! Following that, we ended up eating potato wedges with a garlic sauce which was absolutely gorgeous. As to why we had that after the sweet food I couldn't tell you. 

The stands also sported such cute little goodies. My family tree is already overflowing with decorations and so I had to resist splurging on more cute decorations. I have to be honest, following the raspberry cider, the quality of my photography had nosedived completely. So I have to be honest and tell you I've had to supplement some of my blurry images. I know right, what a lightweight! Overall, despite being freezing, it was lovely evening. After telling the boyfriend about it on the phone, I found out that he has never been. I know, completely unacceptable. So, I will be dragging him along to experience the magic all over again soon.

Have you visited a German market near you? Are you in the festive mood? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading, I love you all!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Nail Talk

Hello all, I've decided to do a post all about nails as I've taken on the challenge of growing my own! I think it's been a long time coming but something I've wanted to avoid addressing. All the women in my family have long lovely nails and recently, my sister went in to have shellac nail treatment. Naturally, I was curious to see the results. It costs just £15 pounds and is like a hard nail varnish. Much like mine, her nails are prone to breaking as she uses them 24/7 throughout her working day. Since having the treatment, her nails have grown considerably and have only broken once in the 2 months she's had them done.

I'm not one to jump on a fad without doing a wee bit of research first. So, after a few google searches, I found that Shellac is a less abrasive version of gel nails, but misses out the damaging removal process. It provides the finish of perfectly painted nails for up to a month. After a month period has ended, you'll need to get them either removed or re-done. This isn't because it will have chipped (although there is a chance they may) but usually because the growth becomes obvious so a new coat will cover it.

To cut an already long rant short, after seeing my sisters lovely claws, i'm pretty much convinced I want to go ahead and get it done. My problem is that I have been an avid wearer of false nails for the past three years and a nail biter before that so my nails are weak to say the least. But, I am sick of feeling like I have to have falsies on all the time, I want to feel more natural. There's nothing worse than being in work and having a false nail fall off mid shift and having to go looking scruffy with one nail down. I hate it and I hate running in the back to glue it back on even more. And that's another thing, nail glue. I can't stand the stuff. It gets everywhere and it's just horrible.

So, I think that settles it. False nails are out and natural nails are in. Now begins the painful process of bearing my own nails and getting them to a state where I don't want to hide them under gloves. I will be taking a photograph week by week and monitoring my process and when it's all finished, I'll post my results on what works. Until then my loves, enjoy your nails! 


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Winter Wardrobe Wants

Evening lovely readers, I am currently patiently awaiting payday so I can inject some well needed lace and glitter into my wardrobe. And what do I do better than salivate over yet more things I don't really need, no one does it better. These little beauties are the latest bunch, the green dress and heels are going to be joining first, they're yummy! On to the rest!...

Cameo Rose Lace Trim Crop Top £12.99 Here
I love crop tops like this and have included many in lists like this before. They can be worn with high waisted trousers or midi skirts for a really awesome outfit. I would personally wear this with a leather look midi skirt to clash textures and tick both trends in one outfit. Again, I think lace is just beautiful and perfect for winter.

Navy Strappy Metalic Mini Dress £19.99 Here
Glitter is a no brainer for winter, it is the perfect excuse to go OTT. My mom and I are similar in that we go both can be quilty of going overboard on the glitter sometimes, but hey it's fun! I can picture mixing this cute little number with the cut out boot heels and the clutch, love it.

Lace Bodycon Tunic £36.00 Here
As I mentioned earlier, this dress is my ultimate fave, I don't even care about the cost because it's so delicious. I'm at the verge of buying this now and making myself broke between now and payday. I wont because that is very irresponsible, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought about it... a lot.

Black Laser Cut Shoe Boots £26.00 Here 
For me, I've found that no one does nice affordable heels quite like New Look. Every year, a new black pair of booties enter my wardrobe until I wear them to death. This year, I've fell in love with these laser cut boots. I always like to wear boot heels as they go with everything and they provide much more support for the feet.

Gem Leather Box Clutch £48.00 Here
Clutch bags are like chocolate bars, you can never get enough (heh hehee).  Again, I tend to have a dozen in black and none in other colours (doh) but nonetheless, they go with absolutely everything and this little cutie is no exception. Box clutches are great for having everything all in one place but not having to lug around a massive bag. That being said, the price is a little excessive, but a girl can dream!

Black Scuba Bardot Neck Bodycon Dress £22.99 Here
Floral prints are more springtime, but have been spotted on the runways this year and creeping into winter. For me, I need no more excuse than that and this little number ticks all the boxes. It's bardot, floral and in shades perfect for winter. What is more, it will go with those lovely heels, hoorah!

Well well well, I've managed to talk my way through another post about clothes. It's getting to be quite the problem. I've practically re-vamped my whole wardrobe this month alone. Not good! I've also got some changes occuring personally, but when the details are ironed out i'll tell you all about those in a monthly diary post so keep your eyes peeled. Until next time my loves! 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Rimmel Moisture Renew In Vintage Pink

Hello all, review time again, this time round it's for (another) lipstick. I had previously owned this lipstick in my 'non-adventurous' lip days where anything other than a nice nude sent me running for the hills. Now i'm older, and a little braver, I  decided to re-start my relationship with this little beaut.

Autumn Winter is all about dark lips. None more so than the classic plum lip. This plum, like the name suggests, is still a pink shade, but comes out quite dark on the lips. As with all Moisture Renew lipsticks they're very moisturising, which in the colder months is essential to avoid those horrid flaky lips. Overall, I really like this shade and I think it will go with all skin shades, especially paler skin tones. Pair it with winged eyeliner  and you have a classic Autumn-Winter make-up look.

As with all Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks, you can pick them up for just £6.49 Here. Unfortunately, this lip shade seems to be a little too popular as since writing this post it has completely gone out of stock on the Boots website. Alternatively, you can try it from Amazon here. Thankyou as always for reading, until next time!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Winter Wonderland Wish List

Hello all, are any of you surprised that I have yet another wish list? No, me neither. I think all of us can be guilty of wanting little things to perk ourselves up (I know I do) and this wish list is no exception. Winter is all about getting cosy in front of the TV watching X-Factor or the like. So, what better way to get in the spirit by wasting money on things I don't need! Without further adieu...

Nutcracker Advent Calendar £16.00 Here 
Okay i'm a sucker for anything Christmas themed and this little beauty is a nice spin off the usual advent calendar. With my birthday also in December, I'm counting the days like crazy waiting for my big day. So it's no wonder I want to splash the cash for something to make day watching a little more enjoyable.

Cable Knit Hand warmer £6.00 Here
I think I'm the same as any girl (or boy too) that I always have cold hands. Always. That being said, I love the idea of having a little hand warmer to get the old pinkies nice and cosy. Lets be honest here, do I really need this in my life? No not really, I'll survive. Will I be buying it anyway? Well, I think we all know the answer to that.

Light Brown Fluffy Ears Onesie £19.99 Here 
Okay so again, I have no excuse. My drawers have too many onesies stuffed into them already, but I just can't resist throwing on a onesie and putting on a good Disney movie on my days off from work. It's literally the best feeling ever. That being said, I also end up sleeping in these badboys on the really cold nights. Lush.

Rudolf Mug £9.99 Here
Again, do I need another mug overflowing my mug cupboard. Absolutely not, but I still will be welcoming this little cutie into my mug family sometime soon. I've recently discovered the delicious taste sensation that is Disaronno hot chocolate. WARNING Once you try it you will fall in love with it. Drink responsibly kids.

Pink Printed Boot Slippers £15.99 Here
How am I supposed to live out my onesie-movie fantasy if I have cold tootsies? You just can't. So these cute slippers will be on hand to make sure the feet are cosy at all times. The only thing with slippers is that I live in them a little too much because I end up walking outside in them and ruining them. That means I'll be buying a pair of slippers every year, but what can a girl do?

Black pom pom beanie £13.00 Here 
My style has recently had a complete overhaul, siding more towards the smart/trendy side (I hope). Much needed wardrobe injection aside, I always loved beanie hats but never felt I could pull it off. Now, I say who gives a sh**t (sorry for dropping the S bomb) wear what you want, especially when it's this cute!

Black Herringbone Chain Train Gloves £22.00 Here
I think that £22.00 for a pair of gloves is slightly ridiculous. That being said, these gloves look like pure class and the good quality will mean they (should) last for many winters to come. As they're black and white, they'll also go with pretty much everything too.

So what do you think of my Winter Wish List? I know that 99% of these are pointless and things I could live without (okay so 100%) but it's little things like these that make braving the horrible weather all the more bearable. After all, staying in is the new going out this time of year! I hope you're all having a lovely autumn-winter and braving yourself for the weather ahead. Until next time my loves!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Book of the Month: I am Number Four

Good afternoon all, I'm finally getting around to doing something I've been itching to do for ages. If you don't already know this about me, I love books. From a young age, my mom would read books like the faraway tree to make my sisters and I fall asleep and since then, I've started a full blown love affair with books. I have a library local to me and since a young age, I would pop in there and leave with my arms absolutely full of heavy books. Because of this, I've churned through many books in my life and I love to discuss them and suggest them to people I think would enjoy them. So with this in mind, I decided that I would do a 'Book of the Month' post every month (obviously) and tell you a little about the book itself (spoilers alert) and what I think of it.

So to kick of my series, I thought I'd start with a book I've just finished reading and that is I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore (how cool is his name?) The story begins detailing the night that number three is killed, and from there it explains that the world Lorien was attacked by a race called the Mogadorians. Just nine people from Lorien survived and escaped to earth where they remained hidden. A spell was cast on them before they left that they could only be killed in the correct order, meaning the Mogadorians would have to track them down one by one and in the correct order, to be able to kill them. Thus begins the story of number four, the main character, and his 'protector' Henry, and their story on how they avoid detection by moving from town to town. The story really kicks off when they move to Paradise and it's where you really get to know the main character, who is both sincere and likable .

I will say that at first, I was convinced that this book was aimed at teenage boys, but later on in the book there is a little romance with a character named Sarah which means there is something for the girls too. I wont discuss any more of the storyline from now on, as I don't want to give anything else away. As for the writing style, Pittacus Lore writes in a way that is straightforward in the sense that it gets straight to the point, no waffle, but still engages the reader and builds a good picture. Overall, I really liked his writing style and the way the story plays out.

This book is part of a series and after reading this first book, I will be seeking out the second one to read. You may have also heard that there is a film of this book, starring Alex Pettyfer (yum) and Glee's Dianna Agron. It's a pretty good version of the book, missing few details although I will always vouch for the book over any film. If you feel like giving it a read, you can pick it up from Amazon Here. Well that concludes my first ever book review, I hope it was a good review and you'll think of picking this up. Also apologies that I don't have a picture of the actual book, I read a library copy that I had to take back and couldn't find a good picture of the book online anywhere. Anyway, that's all from me, let me know what you think in the comments below! 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Happy Halloween/ Chat & Catch up

Happy Halloween All!

I know, Halloween was so 5 days ago (what the hell, 5 days already?) anyway, I've been a little MIA lately so thought I'd explain why. I literally love Halloween and as I was working this year (sob) I decided to indulge in the Halloween spirit before and after the big day. As a result, I was absent from my blog for quite a while. I did intend to do a 'How To' post all about cutting the perfect pumpkin but I feel i've missed the boat a little. I may still do it, watch this space.

So what did I do for my Halloween you ask? I started by buying two pumpkins, some cake mix, some icing and the Little Red Riding hood movie. I knew that being in work wouldn't be the same as celebrating it myself so I'd planned my Halloween day to a T. I started by carving pumpkins to the soundtrack of Thriller, then baked some cute cupcakes and finished by watching the little red riding hood movie, If you're wondering the cakes above are not the ones I created (mine where better, he he) but if you do want to check them out, look on my Instagram which is linked in the button over there>

So overall, I had a pretty good Halloween day and found myself actually really enjoying dressing up at work. I went as little red riding hood because I just loved the costume so much last year (again, check out Instagram!). That being said, I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately, so I went out on a bit of a shopping spree and bought a new coat, jeggings, shirt and top. I'm also still waiting on some boots which have yet to arrive (grr) but it definitely made me feel better. Doesn't shopping always? I feel like a new person walking around in my snazzy new coat. But overall, I think everyone seems to be feeling a little out of sink too, maybe there's something in the air?

Anywho, this was meant to just be a general chat and catch up but it's turning into a ramble so I'll stop there. Let me know if there's anything you want me to review/talk about in the comments below, thanks for reading!
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