Sunday, 8 March 2015

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Hello all, the time has come to worship the number one woman in our lives! Yep, I'm talking about our mama's and you know their special day is coming up! If your mothers are anything like mine, you'll ask the question "What would you like for Mothers Day?" and be greeted with a "Oh I'm happy with just a card..." Which she and you will both know is rubbish! I was fortunate this year in that she actually mentioned some perfume she fancied trying and so I'm sorted. It did get me thinking about the unfortunate souls that will be left clueless when shopping for the perfect gift. Fear not wary shoppers, this is the ultimate gift guide for the perfect cliche' gift.

Bouquet of flowers
Every woman loves a bouquet of flowers. I got sent some from work following a robbery and honestly, they were so beautiful I forgot the whole thing. If all you get is a card and a big fat lot of flowers, she'll be one happy lady. Just make sure that she's not a hayfever sufferer!

Pandora Bracelet
I know that Pandora bracelets are hugely popular and I think they make a wonderful gift! Plus, you give yourself future gift ideas in the form of charms. Other jewellery would go down a treat as well so keep your eyes peeled to see what sort of necklaces etc she wears.

Pandora Charm
As I mentioned earlier, Pandora charms make the perfect gift and, Pandora have even made it easier for you by designing beautiful Mothers Day charms such as this one. Perfect for if she already owns a bracelet. Other brands such as Chamila also offer beautiful charms.

The number one gift in my opinion is perfume. Even if I don't feel my makeup has gone right or my outfit isn't working, a spritz of perfume is enough to make me feel 100%. My mom is no different and so I've invested in a bottle of her favourite perfume. If you don't know your mom's favourite perfume, or she's already got a dozen bottles, get her a new one to try. I've not come across anyone who dislikes the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and so this may be a safe choice to try.

Purses are the sort of item that I hate paying for. Not saying I steal but I always find spending money on something to put your money in is a bit ridiculous. I'd rather have more money. that being said, they do serve a purpose and so being bought a purse is the perfect gift. Try finding one that matches her everyday handbag to show you've really done your research! This one is £15 from New Look here.

Thinking about purses got my noggin really working. What woman doesn't appreciate a nice bag? You can get some really lovely bags for reasonable prices too, like this one from new look for £25 here so you know you can get a nice one for your budget.

My mom, like me, is a serious tea drinker. Like big time. So it makes sense that a mug with lovely words included is the perfect gift. Plus, they're usually super cheap if your mom has set you a money limit. This one is £10 from Marks and Spencer here.

Other great gifts may not be gifts at all. It may be that the best present is a pamper day, where you wait on her hand on foot. Or perhaps taking her out for a meal or to the cinemas. At the end of the day, Mother's Day is all about showing that you care and appreciate all she's done for you. That's all from me my loves, go tell your mothers you love them! 

Friday, 6 March 2015

Book Review: Memoirs of a Geisha

Good afternoon all, as some of you may know, my book review series has been going on for some months now and I couldn't wait any longer to do this particular review. Those who know me will tell you that I love this book! I have more than one favourite, but this particular novel is well established in my favourites list. The time has come, Memoirs of a Geisha, it's your turn!

The first thing that attracted me to this book, besides the film, was the Japanese setting. I love the Japanese culture and as it's so different from my own, I find it fascinating. I had no expectations whatsoever when I started reading this book but I can honestly say I was blown away by it. Never before have I been so moved by a book.

The story follows little Chiyo, a nine year old girl who is sold to an Okiya in Gion to become a geisha. As with many young women of the time, she finds life to be cruel and this novel follows her journey to becoming, as she would later be known, Sayuri the geisha. This story has some romance, humour and even an underdog rising to the top. I resonated with Sayuri's struggle with a character called Hatsumomo, who is as beautiful as she is cruel. Her story is truly engaging and it doesn't take long for the reader to transported and immersed into her world.

I have to say, of all the books I've read, Arthur Golden has a really poetic style of writing. His comparisons are particularly beautiful in some cases. For example, he likens grief to an open window and says that you can't shut it, you can only shiver from the cold. As time goes by it closes more and more until one day you wonder what became of it. The whole story is written with clever similes and metaphors such as this one. The result makes reading a beautiful way to pass the time.

I honestly cannot rave about this book enough, I even find that I'm looking at things in real life and seeing beauty in them whereas I didn't before. Seriously, it has that much of an effect! This book wont be for everyone but if you love Japanese culture or you've previously enjoyed the film, I implore you to pick up a copy of this book! Have you read it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

What to wear to a wedding #PastelPrincess

Hello all, back again and with another little pastel beauty. For me, if I'm investing more in a dress, I want to know that I can at least wear the bugger again. There was the slightest hint today that the sun does still exist, and that little glimpse was enough to send me into thoughts of holidays abroad. This dress, whilst perfect for a wedding, would also be perfect for roaming the streets of some foreign country and exploring. Two for the price of one? Yes please.

So the little beauty of a dress is the Floral Bust Cup Midi Skater Dress at £45.00 from Missguided. It's nude so will go perfect with every skin tone and hair colour. Secondly, it goes absolutely perfectly with these Light Pink Asymmetric Pointed Heels at £17.99 from New Look (where else right). In fact, I've already bought some nude pointed heels from New Look that will go with just about everything, but you get the look i'm going for with these ones.

Finally, to keep things simple, I thought the clutch had better be this Rouched Satin Clutch Bag at £19.00 to bring out the whites of the flowers. I think white clutch bags, whilst are stain prone, will go with everything in your wardrobe. I think other that what I've already discussed, there's not much else to say about this outfit except that it's delicious! Perfect for a wedding! I have one more OOTD thrown together for the wedding which I will reveal in due course. Until then my loves! 


Sunday, 1 March 2015

What to wear to a wedding #NavyNevada

Good afternoon (or rather evening) everyone, I'm back again with another wedding appropriate OOTD. This time around it's this navy Closet Skater in contrast floral print for £55.00 at ASOS. I think skater dresses are a timeless style of dress. They're also perfect to hide those inevitable food babies that occur post wedding munch.

I think the nicest thing about this outfit is that you can pick out colours in the dress with the accessories. To go with this little beauty, I picked this gorgeous pair of Navy Chunky Cross strap courts at £24.99 from new look. I think they're absolutely lovely and as they're in a sensible colour, they'll be worn again.

I figured as the print was loud, the accessories should be simple and this Mini satin clutch bag at £10.00 is perfect for the job. It's only small but is well equipt to carry your lippy and cards for the bar, which we all know I'll be abusing (haha).

So what do you think of this little gem of an outfit? Nicer than the last one? Let me know in the comments below, pleasseeeee! Lots of love,
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