Saturday, 8 February 2014

Valentines Makeup Tutorial


Good afternoon all! So I've been wanting to post this Valentines Makeup Tutorial for a while and this morning, despite being slightly hungover, managed to finally do so! I've already seen lots of gorgeous looks already on Youtube and other blogs and knew I wanted to join in. The look I've gone for is between two lipstick choices, with the eyes a 'barely there' approach. I know the boyfriend says he thinks I look nice with whatever makeup, but like most boys he probably prefers minimal.  I couldn't decide how to wear my lips, so I've shown you the two options I've narrowed it down to. Let me know in the comments which you prefer!

For the face, I begin with prepping my skin with the Maybelline Baby skin Instant Pore eraser primer. I've been loving this lately so will be doing an extensive review soon. Next, when the primer has had sufficient time to absorb, I apply my Maxfactor Face Finity foundation. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I have been loving this foundation lately! If not, you can read my full review here. Then I grab my Sleek Face Form contouring palette and apply the contouring shade just below my cheekbones. For this look, I decided to go against my usual dislike for blushers and give it a go using the pink shade in the palette and finish with a light dusting of the highlighter on top of my cheekbones. You can see the finished effect in the image above.

Then I move on to my eyebrows. You may notice this is the same image from my 'Everyday Makeup routine' post. That's simply because I don't change my eyebrow routine, I guess i'm quite boring like that. To fill them in I use an angled brush and using the dark brown shade in my MUA Pro-Brow kid, I shape and contour my eyebrows.

And now my favourite part, the eyes! Firstly, I must mention that for some odd reason, the camera really struggled to pick up the pigmentation of the eyeshadows. So although it may look very light, it was actually a little darker than this. To begin, I add shade one (in my MUA undressed too palette) to the inner half of my eye and under my brows to highlight. Next I use shade two (From my MUA undressed palette) and blend this on the outer half of my eyelids and thoroughly blend outwards. I also ensure that I have blended the seam between shades one and two at this stage. Next I add the bronze eyeshadow (in my MUA undressed too palette) again to the outer corner of my eye, ensuring I avoid the areas I have blended the eyeshadow two outwards. Next I use my Miss Sporty Studio Lash eyeliner to do a cats eye flick to frame the eyes and make my lash line appear fuller. When going for a dramatic flick, I tend to stick to lash curling mascara formulas. My all time favourite being the Miss Sporty Fabulous lash (Curved Brush) and lightly coat my top and lower lashes. To finish I add my white Barry M Kohl Pencil to my lower water line to make my eyes brighter and appear larger.


As mentioned earlier, for this makeup look I really couldn't decide on what lip colour to go for. I ensured that the eye makeup look was simple so that all lip colours could be worn with it. This means that you can use whatever lipcolour you feel like using, however I've narrowed my choices down to Mac Russian Red and Kate 101. The Mac shade is a beautiful colour and finish, and whilst I do think it looks the best of the two, it is valentines day so there may be some kissing involved. This cheeky problem is something to consider when looking at bright lip colours (cringe). On the other hand, Kate 101 has less of this problem, but in my opinion does not make the look pop quite as much.

Tadaa! the completed looks. I can't believe how different they look in each photo, even though it's only the lipstick colour changed? I am still completely undecided about which colour I'm going to go for and will probably end up deciding when I know what I'm going to wear. So, let me know what you think of my makeup look or if there's something you would like to see me blog about! As always it's been a pleasure!


  1. I've been wanting to try the Maybelline primer...just not got around to buying it yet!
    I like both the lipsticks with this look, I reckon the Kate Moss lipstick will look good for a daytime date or something a little more casual.

    Aya =] x

    1. Seriosously do, I'll be doing a review of it soon so maybe that will sway you! Thanks, I think I might wear the Kate moss Lipstick in the day and then the Mac for a meal. Thanks for your advice! x

  2. wow you're stunning, great makeup!
    I love the look of that MAC lipstick :)

    BlueViolet Hearts 

    1. Thankyou and I'm thinking of wearing the red for a meal, got to love a bit of Mac!

  3. Amazing make up and photos! You are so beautiful! :3


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