Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer

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Good evening all, back again with a review at long last! This time around for the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer. I was never one for primers in the past, I must admit I really didn't see the point in them. However, I've seen the error of my ways and know that this is one of those steps that you don't realise the value of until you stop doing it. Primers prepare your skin for the application of makeup and smooth out the surface of the skin. So essentially, the first step to flawless foundation. Sign me up!

I've not tried many primers but none have made the impression on me quite like the Laura Mercier primer although due to the high price tag I've been unable to bring myself to repurchase. That being said, I'm still looking out for a good high-street product. Unfortunately, I don't think I've found it in the Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer. It claims to smooth, resurface, brighten, matte and protect the skin but I'm just not convinced. 

I do feel that it effectively mattifies the skin but in doing so, makes my usual Estee Lauder foundation harder to apply and blend. It also gives it a stickier feel if a primer can do such a thing. I want to wear my foundation all day without fear of transferring it to everyone I touch. And believe me, I'm a hugger so that is a problem! But this doesn't prolong my foundation and if anything, gets oilier faster than usual. And whilst I also agree with the claims of smoothing and resurfacing, it doesn't brighten or protect in any way I can see. 

So fir me it's not a very promising product but at £6.99 not much can be expected! I'm not hating this by any means, but I won't be re-buying it either. I hope this review has been helpful and if you want top try it for yourself, it's on sale here at Superdrug. Lots of love,


  1. This looks nice, thank you for the review! I've been looking for a good primer ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Thank you for stopping by Amy and you're most welcome! xx


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