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Tips&Tricks// Going to University

Going To University

I am due to start my third year of university and I can tell you that it is an experience you should not miss. That being said, there are stressful things that come with being a student. Firstly, moving in initially is quite a stressful process. Anything that can smooth the whole ordeal should be done. I've mentioned in some of my previous posts that I am due to move back this month. Despite this being my third house, it is still a long process. 

So fellow students, I've devised this post just for some tips and tricks for freshers (and partly for myself!) 

1. Make sure you know all the information you need.

In uni, information is thrown at you left right and center, and you will be expected to know it. This also comes with renting accommodation both with and outside of your university. To help maintain this information overload get yourself a notepad. Something you wont mind looking at (a lot!) I had an all purposes butterfly notepad that all my accommodation and important notes went into. This helped a lot as some information you can add in before you move away to make the whole transition smoother.

2. Plan how you want your room.

By now, you may have an idea of where you will be staying (I have done this post late so you may already be there but this still applies to you.) I found that things do get stressful sometimes, housemates may argue or more likely, the house might be none too clean. If this is the case, you may find that your room is your safe haven. I know I'm not painting a great image of university so far but these are only a few points to consider, it is just as good as you imagine it will be.  That being said, making your room as comfortable as possible is key to keeping you relaxed in your own space. For example, I love old films and the Hollywood glitz and glamour. My room was themed around Audrey Hepburn and Marylin in black and white. It's easy to match and you can bring in your favorite colour to make it pop.

3. Get Skype.

Me and my boyfriend do not attend the same university and have to do long distance (sigh) and so Skype is a must. I also use it to keep in touch with the mama and papa and friends from home. It doesn't take long to set up and a 10 minute chat a week can be enough to reassure your parents that you are still alive and well. 

4. Find recipes you enjoy.

I am quite a fussy eater so this was a must for me. Again, I just got a notepad and kept an eye out for any recipes in magazines to cut out and stick in. I also made a shopping list early that could stay in my purse and prompt me to shop.

5. Avoid buying magazines.

I am no stranger to LOOK, VOGUE and ELLE but these are the sort of luxuries that I found myself spending loads on. then they would clutter my room, never to be used again. My advice is, if like my mother, yours buys weekly magazines, get her to post them to you. It doesn't cost a lot, and the magazine is getting recycled.

6. Be yourself and have fun!

Anyone can only do so much reading and preparation but there is nothing better than experiencing it for yourself. Go out, be yourself and enjoy the experience. Watch you money and you will have an amazing time.

Good Luck and lots of love!

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