Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Bh cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette

Hello my lovely readers, it's nearly halloweeeennnnn! I am far too excited considering I have zero plans in place as of yet. All these events have been getting me in the autumnal mood and so I've been pulling out all my palettes and trying out new autumn inspired make up looks. Of all the make up I bought, this palette was the one I was most excited to get my hands on and I figured that now I've had a play around with it, I could review it for you all.

As I mentioned in a previous post, this palette is so unbelievably unique it drew me like a magnet. I'm not usually one for bright colours as I don't find them all that wearable but it was too cute to resist. The eye shadows are all named after planets, moons, Greek Gods or celestial bodies (not sure if that's the right title but the one I'm going with.)

My first impression from this palette is that the size of the eyeshadow was so much larger than the pictures on the website suggest. I had the impression each colour was around the size of a one pence coin. In reality, it's closer to a twenty or even ten pence coin. I didn't think to do a comparison picture between the two so you will have to take my word for it but you can trust me! Secondly, the pictures represent the colours very well and all look the same in person as they do in photographs so no nasty surprises there either.

My absolute favourite colours in this palette are Sun, Aphrodite and Comet as of all the colours, they are the ones I've found to be msot versatile. The blue toned shadows have been the least used if I'm honest. As I have blue eyes myself, the beauty rule of not wearing the same eyeshadow/eyecolour combo is one I abide to as I just don't think they do my eyes justice. However, the quality of all of the colours is, as with most Bh products, of a very high standard. Not a lot of product is needed to build up a bright, pigmented colour.

As for the price, in the sale it was only $12 in the sale but usually around $20 plus postage to the UK. I have found that as the colours are so bright and pigmented, I haven't reached for this palette any where near as much as I have the Carli palette (see last post). As it happens, for the sale price this really doesn't matter to me as I have it for when I need it. Would I still have bought it at full price? I'm not sure however, it is still on sale if you want to pick it up for yourself from here.

So overall, it is a fantastic palette but perhaps one you will be reaching for every now and then rather than everyday. It's good quality and excellent value at it's sale price. Overall, I am very happy with it and can't wait to see what looks I come up with next. Lots of love,

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