Saturday, 9 November 2013

Review// Garnier Moisture Match Lotion


 So As mentioned in my 'Monthly Favourites' post I've been doing my usual and buying things I don't reallyyy need. This time in the form of Garniers new Moisture match lotions. I tried the Illuminating light lotion for normal skin. Usually, around £5.99 (in Wilkinsons) but was on sale for £3.00 which I couldn't resist.

The lotion promises to offer Tailored texture, formula and 24 hour hydration with an SPF of 20. My usual foundation doesn't contain SPF, so even though I do have an oily T zone, I decided to go for this one. On first appearances, there isn't really anything special about the packaging, just a simple box and then a squeeze tube for the lotion. I did notice that the box it comes in disguises how small the bottle is. To me, that is false advertising and just plain annoying.

The lotion is of a creamy texture, thin for light coverage and it smells amazing. The first time I used it my skin had a sort of shimmer. Though I haven't read it anywhere, I assume the product is supposed to be used early morning before you put on your makeup, so your face is protected by SPF. Under my everyday foundation (Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Sand) the slight shimmer came through and gave a dewy look to the skin. I found that after use, my foundation generally applied more evenly and had a better finish.

Generally, the price and the quality of the product were good. As mentioned earlier, I was a little annoyed over how deceptive the size of the box was. Also, if you rub your face with this product on, if it gets in your eyes it can be quite painful, not good! Overall, I probably will invest in another bottle again purely for the SPF.

As always, it's been a pleasure,

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