Friday, 22 November 2013

Wish List// Christmas list contenders


So I think it's safe to say that all of us have a lust list for this Christmas. When my mom asked me what I wanted I wasted no time sending her a list of clothes I am in LOVE with. But clothes is really just the beginning and so here are the rest of my Christmas list contenders.

Elf 50 Piece palate £15.99
I already have so many palates but none that include ten blushers. The blushers range from really light pink, corals and then to bronze browns. There's also 40 eyeshadow colours which have literally every colour in. Elf products are always of a high quality and so I trust the quality to be amazing.

Elf Concealer kit in light £3.25
Again, Elf products are fantastic and I think this will be no exception. This little kit provides various concealers to counteract different problems. I believe there is one to cover dark circles, one to cover redness, one for blemishes and one to highlight. As of yet I haven't found a concealer that really works so it will be interesting to see how well these work.

Sleek face Contour kit £9.99
This kit has been all over blogs recently and has received nothing but good reviews. It comes with a shimmer, contouring bronzer and a coloured blush. There are different variations of this palate for different skin tones but the light seems the best to me. Other bloggers have said you put the bronzer under your cheeks, blush just above and the shimmer on the top of the cheekbones to create a really contoured effect.

Loreal Colour Privee lipstick in Cheryl £8.99
I already own (and have done a blog post) about the Eva version of this lipstick and I love it. I wear it everyday. Usually when I'm wearing lipstick in the colder weather my lips dry out. I haven't had any of this with these products. The Cheryl colour is only slightly lighter but looks lovely none the less. 

Christina Aguilera By Night Perfume £19.95
This perfume is my all time favourite scent. I'm currently wearing Lady Million in the day (courtesy of my lovely boyfriend, thank you!) and this is the perfect evening perfume. I have currently ran out as I practically wash in the stuff but have begged all of my family for a bottle. If you haven't tried it I seriously recommed you do. I know perfume is quite a personal thing but everyone who smells it ends up loving it.

Fingers crossed you all get what you've asked santa for this Christmas. But if not, remember that the main thing is that your loved ones are healthy and happy! As always lots of love,

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