Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review// Loreal Collection Privee Colour Riche Lipstick


Good afternoon all, absolutely horrible weather outside so I thought I'd get myself warm and cosy and write a blog post. This morning when I was sat doing my makeup, I found myself looking through my lipsticks trying to find a nude shade, and found none. It's a habit of mine to do my eye makeup before lips and I am guilty of using a little too much sometimes. I often worry that I look like I've got too much makeup on (just me or do other people do this?) Anywayy, I decided on nude lips as you can really get away with any eye makeup and so I made it my mission to get one. 

Recently, Loreal did a rather fabulous advert full of their ambassadors such as Cheryl Cole, Eva Longoria and Doutzen. When stood in front of the makeup stand, I desperately wanted them all. There's a colour for Eva, Doutzen, Frieda, Julianne, Cheryl and Liya. I eventually settled on Eva's shade as I thought it would look the most natural on me. It's a light, rosy shade with a hint of orange. The packaging is gold and black and it looks gorgeous, something I'll be quite happy whipping out in public (sounds almost rude there, unintentional I promise.)

 Since buying it, I have worn it constantly and I have to say I love it. I paid £8.19 in Superdrug which, for a student such as myself, is on the high cost end of the highstreet. That being said, for an everyday lipstick it's perfect. It applies on smoothly and gives a creamy finish. It also does a good job of covering dry lips which in winter is a real bonus. As far as lasting power is concerned, because it is a nude colour it isn't as noticeable as it fades. I would say it lasts around three hours but does leave a slight stain on the lips after that. Overall, I am a very happy customer.

Next on my never ending wish list is the lipstick by Cheryl which is very similar to Eva's but has a more pale colour running through it. If you fancy picking one up you can go do a simple questionnaire to find out what shade you are on Loreal's website here. Have you purchased any and if not is there a colour you have in mind? I always like to hear opinions! As always, lots of love,

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