Thursday, 20 February 2014

Five reasons to love Summer

Afternoon everyone, I hope that whilst I've been stuck in bed nursing a hangover, you've been out and about doing something useful. In little old Aberystwyth, we are starting to see a glimmer of  Spring on it's way (between bouts of rain and bitter cold.) The smallest ray of sunshine and I'm lost to daydreams of bikinis, beaches and barbecues. So I thought what better way to get excited for summer than a reminder of just some of the reasons to love it. I think we can safely say that everyone has more than enough of winter now, we need some sunshine!

1. Beautiful Beaches
When I was younger, I always used to have a tanned back and no tan anywhere else. This was because whilst other people were sunbathing of splashing in the sea, I was crouched over some rock pool looking for the creatures that call them home. Entirely the reason I began my love affair with the ocean. Now I'm a little older, I still make time for a relaxing swim in the ocean and a cheeky sunbathe here and there. There's something about the beach, you get a feeling you just can't get anywhere else (how cheesy is that!)

2. Cute Bikinis and clothes
I adore summer clothing and eagerly await the days where maxi dresses and skater skirts start flooding the stores. I love that in summer you're able to put on a bikini, throw over a dress and some flip flops and you're good to go and beach ready. My bikini collection is border line ridiculous and yet I still find myself lusting after new ones every year. I've already started the ordeal of getting my bod bikini ready, feel the burnnnn. This year I want to pick up lots of little skater dresses in cute colours or with pretty floral patterns for everyday wear, I'm getting excited for summer just thinking about it!

3. Tanned skin
This year I'm planning to go away with the boyfriend and our only specification so far is that it's hot hot hot. I cannot express how much I love having tanned skin and golden limbs, even the process of sunbathing is just a relaxing experience for me. Now don't get me wrong, I understand the dangers of tanning and always aim to do so as safely as possible. That being said, there's no greater feeling that coming in from the pool and seeing those cheeky tan lines begin to emerge. I feel so much more confident with a tan, my eyes appear bluer and hopefully this year, I'll be a blonde for summer too, yay!

4. Low Maintenance Beauty
During the cold winter months surrounding Christmas, it's okay to don all things glitter and fur and adopt a darker lip. However, in summer, I like to strip it all back where au' natural is best. Walking out the door with wavy, barely styled hair and minimal makeup. This year, I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a flower headband, how cute do the ones above look? All you have to maintain is chip free painted toes and fuzz free legs and you're good to go.

5. Holidays Abroad
What better point to land on than the best. Summer is the perfect excuse to get away. Last year I was incredibly lucky as I went away five times during summer including a cruise. Safe to say last summer was one to remember and I aim to make 2014 the same. By summer of this year, I will have finished university, hopefully have begun the world of work and passed the four year mark with my lovely boyfriend. So to celebrate we've said we're going to go away on a couples holiday and I cannot wait. My friends have also asked about us going on a girls holiday so fingers crossed it goes ahead. Seeing the world and exploring different cultures is the only real way to experience summer.

So my lovely readers, I hope I have passed on the summer daydreams to you and that like me you're counting down the days until summer. Are you going away anywhere nice? Or do you know of a good couples holiday, let me know!


  1. Thankfully I'm not the only one thinking about summer! I've already started bikini shopping and the gym workouts. Have a good holiday with your boyfriend, I'm jealous.

    Grace x

    1. I don't blame you to be honest, I've been eyeing up bikinis just too poor, student problems haha! I'm following you now x


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