Monday, 3 February 2014

OOTN// Everybody Wants To Be a Cat

 Crop Top: Boohoo £6.00
Skater Skirt: Boohoo £10.00
Heels: New Look £29.99

So I have wanted to do this post for agessss and just hadn't got round to doing it. I adore fancy dress and throw myself in 100%. Dressing up as a cat has been no different. A few years ago I dressed up as a cat for Halloween and loved it, but hadn't since and was waiting for a decent excuse. So when my friend said her 21st birthday theme was 'Cats', I knew my time had come once again to don the whiskers. 

Ever the money concious student, I knew my costume had to be one on a budget. I think generally, as long as you have cat ears and whiskers, anything goes. I already owned £1 cat ears that would do, and I wanted some pieces that I could wear again. Boohoo have had some really nice pieces in for cheap so I headed there first. I was drawn to this cute little off the shoulder crop top and for £6 I couldn't resist. The model advertising the crop top was wearing a skater skirt and I figured they are something I could easily find myself wearing again. For just £10, I wasn't expecting much in terms of quality but when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. The material is soft and silky and despite being a tiny bit short, I really like the fit. 

The shoes are ones I have entered into a full blown love affair with. I don't usually go for chunky heels and I'd been wearing my black heels constantly and wanted a change. My sister gave me a £30 New Look voucher for Christmas and I used it all on these little beauties. I had previously purchased some tan heels from Garage shoes to match a clutch I had, only to find the ones they sent me had an inch different in the heel lengths! Needless to say, they went back sharpish for a full refund. Not happy. Anywho, I thought these ones would be perfect as tan goes with absolutely everything and for once, they are oh so comfortable. You can't see them too well as the photo quality is poorer than i'd like but they are still on the website here. They also do them in black, blue and a gorgeous coral shade.

Overall, I loved my costume. I simply added liquid eyeliner whiskers and kitty nose and the look was complete. I couldn't get 'Everybody wants to be a cat' song from the Aristocats film out of my head, so it became our theme song for the evening. The night was hilarious and the birthday girl had a good night, which is what it's all about! 

What do you think of my costume? Have you dressed up recently, let me know in the comments below!

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