Saturday, 1 February 2014

Valentines Day Inspiration


So I believe that whether you're in a relationship or not, there is something to gain on valentines day. There are lots of different theories on how and why Valentines day began. One theory is that during the reign of Claudius 2 (270 AD during the Roman Empire), soldiers were unable to marry during wartime as he believed single men made better soldiers. It is said that Bishop Valentine disagreed and went against his wishes by orchestrating secret marriages. For this the Bishop was then jailed and excecuted on February 14th (rather grim). It is said that during his time in jail, he wrote to his daughter signed 'From your valentine'.

There are some other interesting facts to be found, such as why X symbolizes a kiss.  It is said that during medieval times, those who couldn't write signed their names with an X. The X was then kissed to show their sincerity. You see, there are lots of reasons to get into the Valentines spirit. For me, I love red. What more of a reason do you need? This year (unlike most years due to long distance) i'll be seeing my boyfriend on valentines day, hoorah! So I actually have to make some sort of plans. In order to really get in the spirit, I've followed suit of other bloggers and created a 'Valentines Day Inspiration' post, full of pictures to get the ideas going. Enjoy!

Roses don't have to be red
Finding Flowers on your doorsteps, super cute!
Breakfast in bed like this? I think so.
Baking your significant other some yummy goodies?
Cute lunch date?
Seriously contemplating a visit to Aberystwyth Beach

Kissing & Cuddling.
Watching your favourite romantic films, 'If you're a bird, I'm a bird'

Simply Being together, anywhere.
Eat cute things, all day.
Wear cute outfits and do your nails.
 That's all for now, whether your partying with your friends or spending the day with your beloved one, have fun! As I do long distance (as I've mentioned constantly) I never usually have any plans set for valentines day itself, so I am determined to make the most of it! My plans so far include going fo a meal together, a walk along the seafront and a trip to the cinema. For the people who really really really hate the whole thing, remember it's just one day!


  1. Cute post and lovely pictures x

  2. Thanks Millie, can't wait for V day this year! x

  3. sweet post! I never knew how valentine's day came about! X

    1. Thank youu, I didn't either so I thought I'd look it up. So strange how that's the reason we celebrate it! x

  4. The background about valentine's day is actually really interesting, and also the story about how x's symbolize kisses, I always did wonder why haha! x

  5. I thought the same, still wondering why O means hugs though! Further research required haha! x


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