Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Elie Saab: Fairytale Runway Dresses of 2014

Hello all, I've been doing some research for a "Trends for Autumn-Winter" post which I've been wanting to do for a while when I stumbled upon the pictures from the Elie Saab runway. I was blown away by how beautiful the dresses were so I just had to blog about them. These eight were only some of my favourites, especially that last number, absolutely stunning. Elie Saab has it spot on when it comes to designing fairytale dresses, these bunch are no exception. If you want to see the runway show for yourself, head over to the Elie Saab website here, but prepare yourself for a lot of glitter and lust.

I've never been one to be obsessed with the runway but recently, I've found myself looking at them more and more. So no promises, but this may be the start of new fashion based posts from now on. Until next times my loves!


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    1. Lets hope we can earn enough someday to own one or two, a girl can dream! Love the blog btw, i'm now following you :) x


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