Saturday, 30 August 2014

Nail Wax Strips With Argan Oil

Evening all! I'm back from my holiday (*sigh*) with a review, this time it's for Nair's new wax strips enriched with Argan Oil. As far as I'm concerned, stick argan oil in anything and I want it, hair products, moisturisers and now wax strips of all things.

Let me tell you, that I have never been one for waxing my legs... like ever. That being said, the BF and I finally  booked a holiday (I know, about time!) so i've got my mind working overtime thinking of all the things I need. I decided to invest in some wax strips because I hate shaving my legs while I'm on holiday. I want my break to be relaxed as far as beauty is concerned so I picked these badboys up.

When I tell you that I'm a complete novice when it comes to waxing, believe me. I've never used them as I've always been too scared of the pain. But I reasoned that they couldn't be that bad or else no one would do it! With this kit, it comes with "pre-wax" wipes and "post-wax" wipes, which I'm not sure is a regular occurrence with other waxing kits but a nice surprise nonetheless.

I began by reading and re-reading the instructions which advise you to begin washing your legs, followed by the wipe. Then warm the wax strips between your hands and wax away. Considering the pain I'd built myself up for, the pain wasn't anywhere near as bad as I was expecting. My leg hairs were around 1.5mm which the pack said it could still remove but I found there were still a few hairs not picked up. You can however re-use the strips to get all the little hairs you missed. In total I used 4 strips for both legs (1 strip parts into 2 halves, so 8 in total). There were still 6 strips in the box so you can use each box for hair removals on the legs.

My legs did go very red afterwards but looking at them now (some 5 hours later) they're absolutely fine and show no evidence of the torture they endured. Overall, I'm very happy with these wax strips. To top it off, the post-wax wipes felt really moisturising so a great touch to the set. I bought these for just £2.99 from Savers so would say they are well worth the money. If you've tried them, let me know in the comments below!

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