Monday, 11 August 2014

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation

Hello my muffins! Back again and it's review time and one this is longg  overdue. I've heard the term "Holy-grail" foundation for a while but never thought I'd hear myself saying it. Well, you know where this is going... I've been known to flirt with many foundations over the years but I can say I've finally found the one.Yep, Estee Lauder has got me to settle down with this little beauty.

To begin with, I'll say that Estee Lauder has never struck me as brand aimed towards the younger generations in the same way Mac and Urban Decay are. However, my sister showed me the light after raving about this foundation, I flirted with it a little in college but with the £29.50 price tag, it was an affair just for Christmas. However, now I've began what i'd consider a full time job, for the first time in my life I've had money to indulge. For me, if there's something in your makeup bag you invest a little more in, it's foundation. I can happily say this one is worth it.

After applying with my Real Techniques Foundation brush, this badboy gives a natural finish, not completely matte but not dewy either, perfect for everyday. I've been known to have an oily T-zone but this beauty keeps it at bay all day with just one dusting of powder. During a shift at work, my makeup is subjected to an unnaturally hot working environment, me sweating my butt off and also a face full of steam when I open the glass washer. Even with all these "anti-makeup activities", it's still in place at the end of the day. Yes, this baby is that good.

Usually to buy this I'd head to my nearest Debenhams, but recently I found that I'd ran out before I could get to a store. So, I turned to the Estee Lauder website. It's free delivery and they sent me several sample goodies and a voucher for nameday delivery. The packing it comes in isn't really important, but I felt extra special unpacking the glitzy royal blue packaging.  Overall, everything from buying to using this product is luxury. If you want to begin a lifelong love affair, head over the the Estee Lauder website here.

That's it for me for tonight, I'm going to go rub the bottle all over myself and whisper sweet nothings and maybe get a life while I'm at it. Until next time my fellow makeup worshipers...


  1. Hey Laura, great review! I had dw light a few years ago and still have it somewhere in my makeup arsenal. I remember loving it! At the moment I'm quite enjoy the original double wear foundation I apply it with a damp beauty blender for super light coverage. What powder do you use to set? xoxox

    1. Hiya, thankyou! Oooh i've just bought one from wilkinsons of all places that I'm going to try but I use RT foundation brush and I use Rimmel Stay Matt foundation and it's amazing! x


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