Sunday, 16 November 2014

Winter Wardrobe Wants

Evening lovely readers, I am currently patiently awaiting payday so I can inject some well needed lace and glitter into my wardrobe. And what do I do better than salivate over yet more things I don't really need, no one does it better. These little beauties are the latest bunch, the green dress and heels are going to be joining first, they're yummy! On to the rest!...

Cameo Rose Lace Trim Crop Top £12.99 Here
I love crop tops like this and have included many in lists like this before. They can be worn with high waisted trousers or midi skirts for a really awesome outfit. I would personally wear this with a leather look midi skirt to clash textures and tick both trends in one outfit. Again, I think lace is just beautiful and perfect for winter.

Navy Strappy Metalic Mini Dress £19.99 Here
Glitter is a no brainer for winter, it is the perfect excuse to go OTT. My mom and I are similar in that we go both can be quilty of going overboard on the glitter sometimes, but hey it's fun! I can picture mixing this cute little number with the cut out boot heels and the clutch, love it.

Lace Bodycon Tunic £36.00 Here
As I mentioned earlier, this dress is my ultimate fave, I don't even care about the cost because it's so delicious. I'm at the verge of buying this now and making myself broke between now and payday. I wont because that is very irresponsible, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought about it... a lot.

Black Laser Cut Shoe Boots £26.00 Here 
For me, I've found that no one does nice affordable heels quite like New Look. Every year, a new black pair of booties enter my wardrobe until I wear them to death. This year, I've fell in love with these laser cut boots. I always like to wear boot heels as they go with everything and they provide much more support for the feet.

Gem Leather Box Clutch £48.00 Here
Clutch bags are like chocolate bars, you can never get enough (heh hehee).  Again, I tend to have a dozen in black and none in other colours (doh) but nonetheless, they go with absolutely everything and this little cutie is no exception. Box clutches are great for having everything all in one place but not having to lug around a massive bag. That being said, the price is a little excessive, but a girl can dream!

Black Scuba Bardot Neck Bodycon Dress £22.99 Here
Floral prints are more springtime, but have been spotted on the runways this year and creeping into winter. For me, I need no more excuse than that and this little number ticks all the boxes. It's bardot, floral and in shades perfect for winter. What is more, it will go with those lovely heels, hoorah!

Well well well, I've managed to talk my way through another post about clothes. It's getting to be quite the problem. I've practically re-vamped my whole wardrobe this month alone. Not good! I've also got some changes occuring personally, but when the details are ironed out i'll tell you all about those in a monthly diary post so keep your eyes peeled. Until next time my loves! 


  1. Everything here looks wonderful! :)
    Amy xx

    1. Thanks, that's the trouble, I want them all :( x


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