Saturday, 29 November 2014

Gift S.O.S for Her

Evening all, it's coming round to that time of year again! I came home from a long day at work to my living room decorated in all it's Christmas splendour (if you want a sneak peak look in my Instagram pictures to the left!) With all the Christmas magic around, it got me thinking about the gifts that will be under the tree. Fortunately, as I mentioned in my previous post, I'm 90% done with my gift buying but I know lots of people who haven't even started. If you fall into that category, don't fret! I've provided you will some ideas for her as I know that I generally find boys are easier to buy for (but I will do a boys only gift guide). I hope they help!

Bee Clutch Bag £45.00 Here
This little clutch is the cutest clutch bag I've ever seen and the bee theme will carry through to spring and summer. It is on the more expensive side but I tend to buy one more expensive item and lots of stocking fillers so this may be great for that. Other clutch bags are great too, anything super glittery and you've aced winter trends!

Pink Beaut Makeup Bag £6.99 Here
Us girls (and boys!) love makeup, so it stands to reason that we need to store the stash! This cute little makeup bag is simple so shouldn't offend anyone and you can also pop some goodies inside it as an added extra. If you know someone loves something in particular then you may want to get a makeup bag with that theme for that added touch.

Christina Aguilera by Night £19.50 Here
I think we're probably all aware that this perfume is my life. I absolutely wash in the stuff everyday so I can 100% vouch for it's deliciousness. This is a very deep scent (if that makes sense?) but if you know the person in question likes more floral scents try something like Marc Jacobs Daisy. Again, personalisation here is key as it's shown you've gone the extra mile.

Light Brown Wheat Pug £9.99 Here
So I don't even know what this really is but hey, everyone loves pugs! They're hilarious and look super cute doing just about anything! I assume that this little cutie is put in the microwave and acts a a hand warmer to get cosy with when it's cold. It's adorable and it warms cold fingers or toes, what more can you ask for?

Digital Gem iPhone 5 Case £16.00 Here
If you're really stuck, and I mean reallyyy stuck, a phone case is something that is reasonably fool proof. If you know their phone model and something they like, you know it's something they will use. You may not use this as the main present but may add a little extra when you want add a little more to the pile.

Red Snowman Fairisle Knitted Socks Here
I know everyone gets socks for Christmas but it's the only sock injection my collection gets throughout the year. The amount of times that I get to November and I'm in desperate need of some new ones is actually a joke! Make them more of a gift by making them festive or themed with something they like. Easy peasy!

Well that's all. Other ideas may include alcohol (Disaronno, yum!), or jewellery or an experience, get inventive! The main thing isn't the gifts, it's the fact that you've thought about another person and what will make them happy. Keep that in mind when you start to get overwhelmed. It's about more than just gifts. I hope this helps and good luck with your gift grabbing! 


  1. What a wonderful gift guide! The pug is so cute. :)
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. Thank you and he's so cuddly looking and cute, wannnnnttttttttt!! x


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