Saturday, 8 November 2014

Winter Wonderland Wish List

Hello all, are any of you surprised that I have yet another wish list? No, me neither. I think all of us can be guilty of wanting little things to perk ourselves up (I know I do) and this wish list is no exception. Winter is all about getting cosy in front of the TV watching X-Factor or the like. So, what better way to get in the spirit by wasting money on things I don't need! Without further adieu...

Nutcracker Advent Calendar £16.00 Here 
Okay i'm a sucker for anything Christmas themed and this little beauty is a nice spin off the usual advent calendar. With my birthday also in December, I'm counting the days like crazy waiting for my big day. So it's no wonder I want to splash the cash for something to make day watching a little more enjoyable.

Cable Knit Hand warmer £6.00 Here
I think I'm the same as any girl (or boy too) that I always have cold hands. Always. That being said, I love the idea of having a little hand warmer to get the old pinkies nice and cosy. Lets be honest here, do I really need this in my life? No not really, I'll survive. Will I be buying it anyway? Well, I think we all know the answer to that.

Light Brown Fluffy Ears Onesie £19.99 Here 
Okay so again, I have no excuse. My drawers have too many onesies stuffed into them already, but I just can't resist throwing on a onesie and putting on a good Disney movie on my days off from work. It's literally the best feeling ever. That being said, I also end up sleeping in these badboys on the really cold nights. Lush.

Rudolf Mug £9.99 Here
Again, do I need another mug overflowing my mug cupboard. Absolutely not, but I still will be welcoming this little cutie into my mug family sometime soon. I've recently discovered the delicious taste sensation that is Disaronno hot chocolate. WARNING Once you try it you will fall in love with it. Drink responsibly kids.

Pink Printed Boot Slippers £15.99 Here
How am I supposed to live out my onesie-movie fantasy if I have cold tootsies? You just can't. So these cute slippers will be on hand to make sure the feet are cosy at all times. The only thing with slippers is that I live in them a little too much because I end up walking outside in them and ruining them. That means I'll be buying a pair of slippers every year, but what can a girl do?

Black pom pom beanie £13.00 Here 
My style has recently had a complete overhaul, siding more towards the smart/trendy side (I hope). Much needed wardrobe injection aside, I always loved beanie hats but never felt I could pull it off. Now, I say who gives a sh**t (sorry for dropping the S bomb) wear what you want, especially when it's this cute!

Black Herringbone Chain Train Gloves £22.00 Here
I think that £22.00 for a pair of gloves is slightly ridiculous. That being said, these gloves look like pure class and the good quality will mean they (should) last for many winters to come. As they're black and white, they'll also go with pretty much everything too.

So what do you think of my Winter Wish List? I know that 99% of these are pointless and things I could live without (okay so 100%) but it's little things like these that make braving the horrible weather all the more bearable. After all, staying in is the new going out this time of year! I hope you're all having a lovely autumn-winter and braving yourself for the weather ahead. Until next time my loves!


  1. What a lovely wishlist! I'm getting so excited for Christmas. :)

    1. It's beginning to look a lot like christmasssssss (8)


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