Friday, 7 August 2015

Weekend Wants

Hello all, It's me again. For me, today is the day that we wait all month for. You know what it is, payday! Every month payday comes around by which point I am so starved of weath I splurge on everything ready to be poor for the next one. This time around, I refuse to do the same. So why the weekend wants post you ask? Well, my plan is to really think about what I really want, or more boring, need from my wages and get them in order of usefulness. Sounds like a good plan right? We all know plans often go astray but nonetheless here are my makeup wants that I may (will) be buying sometime soon (probably tomorrow).

First off is the Mac Lipstick in shade Brave (£15.50) and is a beautiful dark pink hue. You may recall I put a few outfit posts for a wedding I was attending. It was at that wedding that the bridesmaids (my sister included) were wearing the beautiful Mac Brave. It was so lovely that I had to ask what it was and has been on my brain ever since. I don't really need it but I think it will go so nicely in my Mac collection that I must have it.

Next is another from MAC in the pigment variety called Kitschmas (£16.00). It is described as a beautiful shimmering pink/mauve pearl. I recently bought a whole weeks worth of holiday clothes (for a holiday I still haven't booked, oops) and amongst them was a mauve crop top. It really is the cutest thing you've ever seen and I could think of nothing better than wearing a matching mauve shimmery eye to sparkle when I'm in the sunshine. There's no want about this, I need it.

The next want is from Too Faced and it amazes me that to this day I am yet to own a Too Faced eyeshadow palette. Well I fully intend to change that with the Boudoir and Love eyeshadow palettes that are just too pretty to be without. The Boudoir palette (£25.00) is a collection of pinks and neutral toned eyeshadows used to create girly, flirty makeup looks. They seem to be the kind of shadows that you can wear in the day or night which is a huge plus. I am completely in love with the oh so cute packaging too. Next up is the Love palette (£34.00) which has lots of different shimmery eyeshadows. The design also shows three different colour schemes to dress up your eyes with. Shimmery eyeshadows in hearts? I am sold.

Finally, after my Estee Lauder foundation and I have been in a faithful relationship for sometime now, I thought it only fair I meet the family. On holiday a full foundation can be a bit heavy on the skin, which has tempted me to look into the Double Wear All Day Glow BB cream. It comes highly recommended by the likes of Zoella which is enough for me to consider splashing £30 of my hard earned cash on it.

As always, I have demonstrated my skill of providing excuse after excuse to buy things I don't need. We all know that these items will probably be making their way into my makeup collection in the next coming days and as always, when I do (no longer an if at this point) you can be sure that I will be reviewing them in detail. As always it has been a pleasure and thank you for reading!


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