Monday, 24 August 2015

Monthly Diary: August

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Hello my lovely readers. I sat down at my laptop today and realised it had been so long since I'd done a monthly diary and thought with so much going on in my life, there was no better time to pick it back up. You're not reaching me in the best of places today I'm afraid as I'm currently sat in bed off from work, ill with a stomach bug and feeling very sorry for myself. I am the worst person for self pitying when I'm ill and after having a horrible day in work ill yesterday I knew I had to take today for getting myself back on the mend. I hate having sick days from work, purely because not only are you inconveniencing work but you're also loosing money for being ill. It's a double dose of crap if you ask me!

I think part the reason I've got ill is because I've been so unbelievably stressed lately that I think it's now weakened my immune system. Why have I been so stressed? Well as the regular readers among you may know, since finishing university I've got a 'stop-gap' job at my local Co-operative store where I am funding myself learning to drive and saving for a car. I'm probably a month or so from going in for my test and only one pay check away from having all the money for my car and insurance. 

Well whilst all this was going on, my little place of work wasn't doing so well. So unwell in fact that we had a meeting and were informed that the store would be closing the end of September and essentially we may all be out of jobs. Fortunately, the nature of the Co-operative is that there are many stores dotted about and they have told us that we can be placed in other stores. They really are looking after us, so much so I've been offered a promotion in another store as Deputy Manager. Considering I have not even been with the company a full year yet, it is a huge compliment that they think I'm so capable and believe in me so. However, the prospect of working higher up the ladder scares me no end. 

I have been applying for other jobs too but really still have no idea what I want to do. Many of the regular customers who are now well aware of the predicament have been asking me why I'm not doing something with my degree. Ideally, I would love to move to somewhere sunny and work as a Marine Biologist. However, my family, friends and boyfriend are all here and it is here that I have built a life for myself. 

With all these things on my mind and the closure of the store ever looming, it's easy to see why I'm so stressed out all the time. I think if I really think about it, all I want is a 9-5 Monday to Friday job where I can build a career and feel fulfilled in my job. They always say that knowing what you want is half the battle. 

Considering it's  August I ought to be on holiday not worrying about a thing. Well the boyfriend and I have still yet to actually book the holiday. With everything that's been happening I think I need one more than ever. Plus in true blogger style, I've already bought all the clothes and makeup I intend to take. Got the important things sorted then!

How do you lovely readers feel August is treating you? Perhaps you're having a wonderful summer and if so please tell me all about it in the comments below, I'd love to hear some happy stories! What we always have to remind ourselves is that it's the important things in life like family and friends that really matter. Things have a way of working out and when one door closes, another is sure to open. Thank you as always for reading my rambles and thank you for the emails and messages I've had from some of you, they mean the world to me! As always, lots of love...

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