Friday, 21 August 2015

New Look, Primark and Lush Haul

Hello you lovely lot! Surprise surprise Laura has been shopping! Only a little shop but there was good cause I swear. As many of you may know, it was results day for many students yesterday. Among them was my boyfriends little sister (so my little sister too) and the absolute smartypants smashed her results! That in itself earned some much needed shopping and treating of ourselves. She was buying bits and bobs from college and me, well I was just buying for the sake of it. Anywho, to see what I've been buying read on!

Sleeveless Blazer: Primark

These blazers are everywhere at the moment and for a while I really couldn't see their appeal. I figured why would you wear a coat with no sleeves. Then, British weather promptly reminded me that it is as unpredictable as it is crappy! Sometimes it's rainy but warm, cold but sunny. The idea behind these is that you can wear a long sleeved top or jumper underneath and brave whatever the British weather throws at you. So, once I figured their appeal, I spotted this number and after finding it fit like a glove, I made it mine.

Cold Shoulder Dress: New Look
Cold Shoulder Top: Primark

I absolutely love cold-shoulder dresses which is this summers version of the standard cami. I've yet to book a holiday but have had no trouble at all filling my wardrobe for the occasion. This little dress is perfect for throwing on with a tan bag, flip-flops and sunnies and you're ready to go. 

I saw the little top and had to have it. Despite it's creasing (which is annoying I must say), its super cute and floaty on. These sorts of tops can but thrown on over jeans and heels for meals or a day out. Cute and practical! Plus the crochet sleeves are so cute, I just had to have it!

Strappy Heels: New Look

I think that 'Barely There' heels are the best thing since sliced bread. I already own this particular pair in white and when I casually walked past the shoe section in New Look, I honed in on the black pair straight away. Contrary to what you think, they are actually really comfortable and rub my feet way less than normal heels due. Naturally, my white pair where getting lonely so I had to buy the black. I'm running out of excuses to buy things I don't need...

Rose-Gold Watch: New Look

You may have seen on Instagram my old rose gold watch. Anything rose gold and I'm all over it and I wore my old one to death. I'd be wearing it still but it somehow ended up on the floor and I heard a crunch underfoot. Yep, this idiot trod on her beloved watch! I'm not quite done with the old one and hope to get the screen fixed but spotted this little beauty in the meantime. I love it!

Multipack Earrings: New Look

I love love love wearing delicate little earrings and while buying my watch (above) I spotted these. The picture really doesn't do them justice as they are much smaller than it suggests. When worn, I've received so many compliments on how pretty they look. Little tip, If you're like me and loose earrings all the time... keep them on the card they come in and hang them on a pin in your wardrobe. You can clearly see what you have and you can always keep track.

Well that's all for now, I'm internet shopping (yes really) for a new bag seen as though I spilt double cream in the one I'm using now (yes really.) If you're still here thank you for reading! Lots of love,

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