Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Going Out// Cut out Dresses

Hello all! I've been doing my usual and obsessively online shopping. So the boyfriend recently told me that for my birthday, he's intending to take me on a shopping spree (Yipeee!) and has got me thinking about what I want most in my wardrobe. As I'm at university, I go out to clubs a lot and I'm always looking for a nice outfit. For me, the getting ready bit is my favorite part. As my birthday isn't until the 18th December, I thought I'd have a look round now to see what's in fashion.

Across every website I viewed (and I looked at a fair few believe me) cut out dresses seemed to be the in thing. So as it's Autumn/Winter time, I thought I would pick out my top five favorites that I think are perfect for this seasons partying!

River Island £20.00 (Both)

I'll start with my favorite of the selection. Red is one of my favorite colours and I own far too many red dresses already! This one is actually backless which I think is quite unusual for highstreet dresses. I usually think of River Island as being quite expensive (for the highstreet) and so I actually think these little beauties are a bargain for just £20.00. I'm quite confident the red little cutie will be joining my wardrobe sometime soon, although I'm going to have to do some research on what bra you wear with it. Teal is also a very current colour on clothes this season and looks great on this style of dress. Not sure why the image is making the dress look like a textured material, as far as I'm aware, the materials just plain.

Select £12.00 (Left) Jane Norman £30.00 (Right)

The select dress is only £12.00! Though the photo's don't show it, this dress is actually textured which is not only more flattering in my opinion, but also makes it look more expensive. The berry colour is also really current and if you team it with Rimmel As You Want Victoria (Shade 360) lipstick, it's a gorgeous going out look. I'm not usually a fan of all black dresses as I think they can sometimes wash you out but I think this one is so cool and futuristic looking! It's £30.00, so still reasonable but on the higher price end of this selection. If you're brave enough to flash a bit of skin this is the dress for you. I haven't really visited Jane Norman or the website much for clothes, but the selection of dresses is really quite good so if you have time to, I would definitely check them out. 

Topshop £45.00 (Right) New Look £22.99 (left)

As I mentioned earlier, Teal is a colour that seems to be everywhere this Autumn so I've included another teal dress. When I saw the other teal dress I liked it, and then I saw this one and I LOVE it. The futuristic looking back was such a surprise! It looks quite plain from the front, I thought about adding a chunky gold Aztec necklace to spice it up a bit. Then I saw the back and thought it looks amazing, and not anything I've seen anywhere else. For £22.99, New Look has got a winner, one i'll be asking for my birthday!

When Topshop dresses are at this price, as a student I begin to loose interest. But I can't stop looking at this one. I showed a friend and she thought it was absolutely hideous. I think it's like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. I decided to include this as the other dresses are plain (in that they are block colours.) Block colours do tend to carry from season to season and stay in fashion a little longer. That being said, Christmas time is the time for glitz and glamour and I think you can get away with this one. Paired with some statement gold jewelry I think this would be a really cool outfit. Still not sure of the price, but for a new years outfit with something a little different, you might be willing to invest.

Hope you've enjoyed my little collection, I might be adding similar blog posts soon in the run up to my 21st Birthday. Exciting stuff! As always, it's a pleasure!

Lots of love,

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