Monday, 14 October 2013

Tag// What's in my Bag?

Hello all! You would not believe how busy my university has kept me already. I've had four essays, a leaflet and two anatomical fish diagrams all due in the same week! Anywho, enough with the excuses! I've seen this tag flying around everywhere and I've only just thought about doing it myself now I've purchased a new bag i'm not ashamed of!

This bag was only £10 from New Look in the sale, and isn't it lovely?! I fell for it because of the neutral colours, it will go with just about everything. The pocket on the front is handy too as you can put those little bits in that you don't want to be rooting in your bag for.

So this is the day to day contents of my bag that I take to lectures and meetings. The only things I haven't included that is a regular appearance in my bag is my lab coat. It's stained from when I dissected fish (It has been washed though!) so not what people want to be seeing!

Aberystwyth University Diary (Grey book, left)
This diary has been an absolute life saver. I have dates thrown at me left right and center by lecturers who expect me to just remember them. I think I would break down if this where to go missing as it has my whole life in it. Probably the most important thing in my bag.

Ring binder Notebook (Black, left)
 This plain black notebook was just one I picked up on a whim and it's been so handy. Anything that doesn't go in my diary goes in here. I have lots of little notes jotted about with blogging ideas and tags i've heard about so very handy.

Pencil Case (Purple, center)
I'm not really going to say much about my pencil case as it's pretty self explanatory. I have to keep it on me for all these dates and information lecturers toss about. It's also handy to have pens in your bag!

Cath Kidston Umbrella (Red, center)
This cute little umbrella has been a life saver, or rather a hair saver! I was brought it for Christmas a few years ago and I love it. Living in Wales is fantastic, it really is, but it can sometimes rain. Constantly. There have been so many times I've been caught out without a coat that I've taken to keeping this little cutie with me always.

Purse (Nude, right)
This is a pretty standard thing in a bag. Still I wanted to talk about it because it's so cute, and it co-ordinates with the bag (obsessive much?)  Suprise suprise it's from New Look, though I actually didn't buy it. Whilst on my cruise we visited Guernsey that had a New Look store (Had to go in obviously) and I showed my boyfriend the purse with the intention that I'd buy it once I came out the changing rooms. Anyway, he beat me to it and treated me to the little beauty. So I know it's cheesy but thank you very much Stephen!

Makeup Bag (Peach, right)
 I'm not the sort of person who takes a whole makeup bag around and topping up all day long. I have nothing against those who do, I'm just too lazy to do it. That being said, I like to keep some little bits like lipstick, mascara and foundation just in case. I mentioned about being embarrassed about bags earlier, this is usually due to makeup leaking in them and leaving them looking like a Maybelline bomb has gone off! Currently in my travel makeup bag is the Maybelline dream satin liquid foundation (I am planning on doing a review next time I buy a bottle), Rimmel Scandal Eyes flex mascara with lycra (again I WILL do a review... eventually), Apocolips lip Laquer in Celestial and Rimmel moisture renew Lipstick, shade As you want Victoria. (360) I will make it my priority to do a review on this liptstick because I am absolutely in love with it!

So that is the contents of my bag. Sometimes things like perfume or deodorant creep in there but these are the main residents. Hope you enjoyed my blog post and as ever, thanks for reading!

Much love,

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