Monday, 16 June 2014

Getting Bikini Body Ready

Afternoon lovely readers! So as I mentioned in my previous post, I've brought a new bikini and it's got me so excited for my holiday (which I'm still yet to book, *sigh*). It's given me that push I needed to start getting bikini body ready. I don't want to loose much weight, only what I put on during revision snacking. I do however, want to tone up. For that, I've come up with a diet/exercise plan to get me bikini body ready. So, what better than to blog about it and share with you everything i'm going to be doing and tips and tricks to get started yourself.

So obviously, the first thing to address when you're trying to loose weight is to change your diet. For me, the biggest problem has been breaking my bad snacking habits. Following my evening meal, I used to snack despite probably snacking throughout the day. So, rather than deprive myself of all those naughty yet delicious foods, I've allowed myself one cheat food per day. I can have a guilt free chocolate after tea or maybe a bowl of rice pudding after lunch, but I'm neither depriving myself nor over-eating. I've found doing this has worked wonders already because I'm not snacking throughout the day, I look forwards to my evening snack and most importantly, I don't feel guilty for having it.

I've also swapped calorie loaded cheese on toast for healthier meals, my current favorite being carrot and coriander soup. Mainly, I've been following tips given by Brett Capp over on You tube such as the one above. He gives great advice and workout tips which I'll talk about a little more later on.

Exercise is often the part that most people skip, in the old days myself included. But, it's truly the best part. I started jogging once a week during university when I started finding myself unable to sleep. I'd go when it would just get dark, run to the same spot, nearly pass out (at first) then run back. But, as the weeks went by I noticed I got to the same spot faster and was in a better state when I did. Every so often I'd fall off the wagon and stop but I'd always start up again (eventually).

This time around, I'm doing exercise every other day and alternating between jogging one day and then a random workout the next. The random workout is often skip roping (is that even what you call it?) and then following the workout above by Brett Capp and Carli Bybel (my #1 girl crush). It's simple to follow but I've only done it twice and i've already begun to see results. My main tip is to stay motivated, if you don't feel like going for a jog, go for a walk instead or half an hour on the trampoline here or there.

So those are my diet and exercise plans and a few tips (and I mean a few), hope they work for you! Here's to putting on your favorite bikini somewhere hot and feeling a million dollars!

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