Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Real Techniques Core Collection Kit


The Real Tecniques brushes have set the beauty world a twitter for a while now, and I knew I had to get my hands on them. If you haven't heard of them before now, they were created by beauty vloggers Sam and Nic Chapman and this kit contains four brushes: The buffing brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Contour Brush and the Detailer Brush. They retail at £20.99 but are currently on offer at Amazon for £14.65 here, so snap them up quick!

The quality of these brushes is something to behold. They are oh so soft and make applying makeup a fun experience (no exaggeration). I don't know about anyone else, but for me I feel so much more professional applying my makeup with the right tools and these are it.


 Buffing Brush
"Buffing brush which can be used to set your foundation with a translucent powder or just to buff the edges of your foundation to avoid any tell tale signs around the hairline" 

 I have found myself reaching for this every single day, though not completely for the use it was intended for. I dot foundation all over my face, spread it with the foundation brush and then blend blend blend with this little beauty. The finish on my foundation is literally flawless and it also means that I use considerably less product. The fact that this brush is oh so soft makes the whole experience heavenly. 

Contour Brush
"A contour brush which helps to create definition with bronzer or blush on the cheeks."

 Again, another brush I reach for every single day. I am an avid fan of anything that makes contouring easier, anything to get closer to that all perfect 'Kim K' contour effect.  This brush is actually a great deal smaller than it appears in my photos, as with all the brushes, but the size makes it perfect to line underneath my cheekbones. It gives a strong line that, when blended with the buffing brush, makes a flawless contoured cheek.


 Pointed Foundation Brush
"A pointed foundation brush which helps to build up liquid foundation coverage."

 As mentioned earlier, I dab foundation all over my face, then spread it with this bursh before blending in with the buffing brush. I think using this brush to apply your foundation would take ages because as I mentioned before, this brush is actually a lot smaller than it appears. Nonetheless, I love this little bursh, it can also be used to apply concealer and the like. 

Detailer Brush
"A detailer brush which can be used to apply concealer"

This detailer brush is absolutely diddy (it's so cute!) but I have to be honest and say it's the brush I reach for the least. Nonetheless, I do occasionally use it to apply concealer under the eyes and on pesky blemishes. I have found that it's usefull to neaten up eyeshadow too.

Overall, I am absolutely over the moon with this little kit. so much so that I went and picked up the starter kit too! I can be honest and tell you that if you decide to take the plunge, you wont regret it. they're high quality, apply makeup flawlessly and make me feel like a bona fide makeup artist! Keep your eyes peeled for my review on the starter kit!


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    1. They are, trust me I would not have even thought brushes were an essential makeup purchase until I tried these! x


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