Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Real Techniques Starter Kit

Being the beauty addict that I am, when I bought the core collection kit (reviewed here) I knew I couldn't just stop there. Seeing the Starter Kit, I just had to pick up that too, naughty naughty. Anywho, I'm so glad I did because just like the Core collection kit, this little set is fantastic. The brushes are oh so soft and they get the job done. The kit comes with five brushes, all of which focus around applying eyeshadows to the eyes.

Deluxe Crease Brush
"A deluxe crease brush which helps to blend colour through the crease"
Of all the brushes in this collection, this one is my favourite. It's actually reasonably big for a eyeshadow brush, but it means applying shadow to the crease is effortless and saves me time blending. It picks up just the right amount of shadow too, so you're never at risk of applying too much. Overall, I'm really happy with it and the super blended result is worth splashing out on brushes that are a little more expensive.

Base Shadow Brush
"A base shadow brush which can be used to apply a base eyeshadow colour"
Once I've finished applying my crease shadow, I use this little beauty to add a wash of colour to my lids. It picks up just the right amount of product and the pointed shape means you can apply it closer to the lash line than anything else I've used. 

Brow Brush
"A brow brush which helps to add colour and create definition through the eyebrows."
I have to admit, of all the brushes, this is the one I use the least. It is a little larger than majority of eyebrow brushes I've used but I'm trying out a new eyebrow pencil so haven't needed it. That being said, I have found that by putting a small amount of foundation on the brush, I can use it to neaten up the eyeshadow at the corners of my eyes.

Accent Brush
"An accent brush which can be used to add hightlight colour to specific areas"
This little cutie has been a welcome addition to my makeup box (yes it's a box now, my addiction is getting out of hand). My pictures don't show it, but this brush is absolutely diddy, so cute! It's main purpose, as mentioned above, is to add highlight to the corners of the eyes but I also find it's great in blending shadows under the eye.

Pixel Point Liner Brush
"A pixel point eyeliner brush for the application of liquid eyeliner" 
When I bought this little kit, I was convinced I'd find no use for this brush, as I use liquid eyeliner on a day to day basis. However, I recently tried just applying a small amount of matte black eyeshadow and the effect was amazing. It's much softer but still frames the eyes, so much so that I've stopped using my liquid eyeliner altogether (except for nights out). I imagine that it would also be great with the eyeliners in pots (I need the proper name?!)

Unsurprisingly, I am absolutely chuffed with this purchase. The brushes are great quality and I think the standard of my eyeshadow application has greatly been improved. If you fancy picking a set up for yourself (which I highly recommend) they're currently on sale on Amazon here, down from £20.99 to £13.50 so definelty snap one up!


  1. Love real techniques brushes so much, I prefer them to my Mac brushes as my Mac ones shed loads , my face RT brushes have never shed once even after washing them x ��enjoy your new brushes x
    Great post!
    Sophie Jenner
    My #guessthepolish Competition *Enter Here*

    1. Thank you, I know what you mean. I haven't tried Mac ones yet but from what I hear I wont bother to be honest! x

  2. I haven't used real technique before, I'm looking into getting a starter kit of brushes though and this looks perfect! would love if you could check out my blog:)


    1. I would really recommend them, they are perfect, I promise! And will do! xx


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