Thursday, 31 July 2014

31st July: Happy Birthday to The Beauty Tearoom

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So this time last year I sat at my laptop one sunny evening and started my little blog. I had no idea what I was doing back then (like I do now) or who would even be reading but that began my little slice of heaven on the web. I had no idea that blogging would change my life the way it has. How dramatic but it's true! This time last year, while I would still consider myself a very happy person, my self confidence has grown and I am much more secure in myself. Sometimes we just need that time to grow as a person (so cheesy!). 

I absolutely love gushing about this lipstick or that foundation, but I'd be wrong in saying that it's the only thing blogging is about. Blogging allows me to not only jibber jabber about the things I'm passionate about, but also share it with like-minded girls (and boys). It's also an outlet for me to get creative and express my feelings and views. In the beginning, I didn't think 2 people would read my blog, let along pushing 280! The support I get from you is unbelievable and I have met some absolutely lovely people through blogging. 

I'd like to thank all the people who have messaged me or left comments, hearing from you brightens my day and I always make sure I reply to everyone, without you I'd be sat here talking to myself. I pride myself on being a sociable and approachable person, so if we haven't had a natter yet, drop me a comment or an email, I always love to hear from you!

So to end what is in danger of becoming a very long post, thank you. Thank you to my lovely members, my Bloglovin followers and all the people who pass by. I will make it my mission that as long as you keep wanting new posts, I will keep making them. I've has so much fun! I'd also like to mention that while it's not on the cards yet (poor, boo hoo), I will be organizing a giveaway sometime soon, I really want to reward you for being so supportive! 

So to sum up, thanks for reading and giving me your support. Here's to next year!

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