Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Haul: River Island, H&M and New Look

I know, I know. I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd go myself a job and I'm sure nobody is surprised that a Haul post was quick to follow. This time, it's mostly holiday related and I'm chuffed with my purchases. I'd been wearing a pair of shoes to work that after long shifts had played havoc with my feet, so I'd set my sights on picking up a pair of more comfortable ones. Needless to say, it quickly turned into a holiday shop. Without any more of my usual jibber jabber, here's what I picked up...

Mac Cream Cup
I probably don't need to tell you my love for Mac, and picking up a Mac lipstick on a shopping trip is an occupational hazard. I bought Cream Cup for my sister on her birthday and had some difficulty parting with it. Needless to say I was drawn to the lipsticks and found myself buying this. I'm only thankful I didn't end up splashing out on more.

New Look Tan Flip Flops
I wear tan flip flops pretty much constantly during summer because they can be thrown on with everything. After all, summer fashion is pretty and easy. These cuties, with my student discount, only came to around £7 so I really couldn't walk away from them and they fit a treat.

Primark Pumps
As fore mentioned, my work shoes were so uncomfortable so I saw these with the thick rubber bottoms and knew they would be better suited. As always, I wasn't disappointed with the price as these beauties we're only £6!

Primark White False Nails
I fell in love with these whilst waiting to pay for my other items. White nails are just so summery, and with my holiday (hopefully) coming up soon, I thought I'd test drive these first and will buy another pair for my holidays. For just £1, how can you turn it down?!

River Island Wrap Over Crop Top
I have been searching for a top like this, forever! I just happened to be looking on the website a few days ago and spotted one, but they were all out of my size. So when I went in store to find it, I was thrilled when I came across this one, and the black version. I left with just the white but will be returning to buy the black version soon because they fit so perfectly, I love them!

H&M Floral Bikini Top & Bottoms
I am a little obsessed with bikinis this summer and a few weeks
ago I found myself trying this one on and falling in love with it. I couldn't afford to splash out on it at the time so when I revisited, I had to pick it up. I think it's the cutest little pattern and the frilly bottoms are just too cute. I cannot wait to wear this poolside or on the beach!

H&M Black Kaftan
I've wanted a plain black kaftan for ages and haven't been able to find a plain one anywhere. When I saw this one, I was so chuffed, especially since it was only £9.99. They also do a mint version which is just oh so cute! I figured since black is quite plain it will go with everything.

So those are my recent purchases. When you've not gone on a spree in a while like I have, you'd be surprised at how many things can lure you in. I'm just happy that I didn't go absolutely mad because the summer things in store atm are far too cute for my bank account. Anywho, after all that shopping, I'm having a well earned cup of tea. Until next time!


  1. I love Creme Cup and the white top! :D
    I nominated for the Liebster Award, you can visit my blog to read it!


    1. I have done it but thankyou nonetheless! Isn't it pretty, actually about to do a blog post about it now hehe :) x

  2. Darn you, you're making me want to go shopping! You picked up some great things!


    1. Oh noo, I'm sorry! Haha even me reading it is making me want to go shopping again!


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