Saturday, 19 July 2014

Graduation 2014

Hello lovely readers! I'm back and this time I'm a graduate of Aberystwyth University! We arrived in Aberystwyth on Wednesday morning on a caravan site wedge between two mountains. It was the most beautiful and serene place and a lovely break.

On the Thursday, bright and early I donned my graduation hat and robes and stood up on stage to receive congratulations. I wasn't particularly enjoying it at the time and a few of my course mates were laughing at how much I was shaking. Thankfully, once I'd got up and the on stage part was over, I sat back and enjoyed watching friends and fellow students I had shared the last three years with graduate. It is so fulfilling to sit back and feel how proud you are of both your friends achievements and your own.

I'd be lying if I didn't say it wasn't a little sad too. There were a lot of people I knew I may never see again. I've made a lot of friends over my time in Aberystwyth and I feel really blessed to have met them. In the evening, after a nap and a change of clothes, I returned to Aberystwyth and drank with some of my friends around a bonfire on the beach.

Overall, it was one of the most memorable four days of my life and my fellow Aberystwyth Marine and Freshwater Biology Graduates, if you're reading this, thanks for all the good times and congratulations! To anyone else who may have graduated or be graduating soon pat yourselves on the back, getting a degree is no easy thing and you should feel proud!

I'll be putting up more posts soon about my time in Aberystwyth so keep your eyes peeled. Until then my loves, stay safe and happy!


  1. Congratulations! You look beautiful! I had my graduation on Monday and was also terrified of going on stage haha, thankfully no one tripped over though!

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. Thankyou and congrats to you too! They never mention how scary it is do they? Nobody fell over during ours either thankfully, though some girls were brave and sported very high heels! x


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