Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Autumn 2014 Lookbook

Well it's here, we're in September! Has anyone else blinked and missed this year? I certainly have. That being said, I'm excited to finally see all the delicious Autumn clothes flooding the stores (stop drooling Laura). Don't get me wrong, I love summer as much as the next person, but I adore Autumn for seeing the trees change colour, the clothes and getting snuggled up with the X-Factor and a cup of tea. That to me is absolute bliss! So, as I mentioned in my Elie Saab post, I wanted to do a Lookbook of outfits I like that may inspire my Autumn wardrobe this year, and I've added a few coats that have caught my eye.

You may find it strange that I'm even looking at coats if you saw how much I banged on about buying my parka last year (if you didn't see it, you can look Here and Here, yep I'm that sad.) Unfortunately, as much as I love wearing it, the spark between us has just gone. I was walking down the street and found myself wedged between about five women all walking the same direction. Then it struck me that we all were wearing parkas and looked pretty much exactly the same. I guess I just don't want to look exactly the same as everyone else on the highstreet. Does
anyone else feel this?

So as I mentioned, this prompted me to have a look at some new coats. While there aren't that many on the highstreet at the moment, I still found these lovely four and put the details below (top to bottom and left to right).

1. Zara Duffle Coat with Fur Hood/ £159.00 Here
For me, £159 is a little steep for a coat, but with Zara you know it will be high quality and when it's this cute, who can resist right? The fur on this coat is super cute too (can I use the word cute any more?!)

2. New Look Grey Textured Biker Coat/ £54.99 Here
This little cutie (oh yep, there it is) is boasting the 'leahter-look' sleeves that was all over the highstreet last winter. I think that this sort of coat, thrown together with a shirt some jeans and biker boots, is a quick and easy way to look put together but effortless. Love it.

3. New Look Burgundy Brushed Funnel Coat/ £49.99 Here
Burgundy for winter is kinda a no brainer. It looks fantastic with pretty much any colour and pair it with gold sparkly nails and you're a hit. This little number looks like it's a nice smart coat that you could wear to work or school, or anywhere for that matter.

4. New Look Navy Faux Trim Hooded Biker Duffle Coat/ £49.99 Here
Talk about a long name (what was New Look thinking with that one) but I actually tried on this lovely in store the other day and the quality feels amazing. Plus, the prices seem to be on the cheaper side when it comes to New Look coats.

Well, I think i've had enough of a ramble for now. Will I have bought one of these lovelies in a few weeks? Only time will tell. Until then, stay safe and wrap up warm because as the Starks of Winterfell would say... Winter is coming! 

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