Sunday, 21 September 2014

Supermarket Superstar Coats

Hello all, I'm back from my holiday (photo's coming soon!) and miserable so I'm trying to think of positive things whilst the cold creeps in, sob. For me, Autumn-Winter is all about the coat, I just love them. I mentioned in my Autumn Look Book (Here) that despite buying a parka last Autumn, I want a new coat because literally everyone has one and while that's fine, I don't want to look exactly the same as everyone else. So, it's got to go! I've been looking online and couldn't find any decent coats anywhere and found myself turning to the supermarkets and i've been blown away by their coat collections. They're gorgeous and not one over £50! So here's my selection of the supermarket superhero coats (from top to bottom and left to right).

Sainsburys Fur Collar Coat £40/ Here
This coat is a blend of the cranberry trend and the 'Oversized Boyfriend style', I actually think it looks pretty naff in this picture (great start) but seeing the model wear it, it looks considerably better. One of those coats you need to see on to appreciate it. Plus it has the removable fur collar to change up the look.

F & F Teddy Lined Quilted sleeved coat £48/ Here
Leather look sleeves were all in last year as an added twist to the kaki parka. This coat is a little bit different again as it sports the cranberry hue which is everywhere. I really really like this one, thrown on with black jeans and a cream jumper and you've got a lovely little outfit, yum.

F & F Faux Fur Trim Duffle Coat £48/ Here
My favourite of all the selection. I love duffle coats, they're practical, warm and look really smart. To me the fur hood on this makes me just want to rub my face in it (anyone else, nope. Just me then).

G21 Faux Fur Trim Coat £30/ Here
I was horrifed to find that when looking for the link to put above, this beauty has SOLD OUT. The horror. It's absolutely gorgeous and with the fur collar, a twist on the smart coat. I love the navy and generally everything about this coat. So cute! Whoever has bought this and made it go out of stock, touche'. 

Asda Formal Duffle Coat £36/ Here
Another little beauty, this time in tan. Tan goes with just about everything, so this beauty will work hard to match everything in your wardrobe. All you need is a nice satchel and you've got a perfect winter injection to your wardrobe.

So thus ends another coat post, obsessed much? I really need to just buy a new coat so I stop banging on about it. Apologies, but I can't promise I wont do it again. Until next time my loves! 


  1. I love all of these coats! :)

    1. I'm glad you like them, trouble is you have to pick just one #GreedyShopperProblems haha x


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