Monday, 8 September 2014

Holiday Travel Essentials Haul

It's nearly time, eeek! That's right folks, the holiday I've banged on about for several posts now is finally on the horizon. Me and the lovely BF go away Friday, so I've been frantic with last minute buying (including a delicious Grecian style white maxi) and today it was time to buy the holiday toiletries. I will be doing a 'pack with me' style blog post soon so keep your eyes out!

Travel Bottle Set
My lovely mother in law bought me these today as she'd overheard me saying I needed some the other day (what a babe) and are perfect for taking shampoo and conditioners without maxing out your weight limit. This time i'm going to be taking Tresemme Colour Radiance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner. I'm yet to decide what to put in the other bottles, hmm.

Sun Protection
I am obsessed with Hawaiian Tropic products. When I went away last year, I took several bottles of this lovely stuff, you can read about it here. Not only does it protect you but it smells amazing! To me it is literally the smell of summer. My only issue is that last year where my hair touched my skin, it got pretty oily so I was constantly washing it. When i'm poolside, this doesn't matter as my hairs either up or wet anyway.. But when I'm walking around exploring I decided I'd try the lotion, so i'll be back with a review on that one. But first sniff smells pretty damn good.

Hair Spray
Elnet is just the hairspray to have, and with my long locks it's the only one that really works. I decided to pick up this mini bottle (which was still pretty expensive, but oh so worth it) to save on weight, plus you can slot it in your clutch bag when you go out.

General Essentials
I don't think I need to tell you that washing and staying BO free on holiday is important, but that being said, you'd be surprised how often you can forget these sorts of things. I've also picked up a new toothbrush (which was one of the things I forgot last year) but I didn't photograph it because they're all the same... and hardly interesting haha.

Palmers Cocoa Butter
I love love love Palmers cocoa butter products. The smell, the texture and the feeling it gives your skin is just lush. Even though it's a pretty hefty bottle, I figured that I just couldn't live without it for as week so as far as the weight limit is concerned, it can sod off!

Nail Varnish Remover
Last year I went to Amsterdam and fell over a post in front of the Anne Frank Museum. There was a huge queue, lots of people and very embarrasing. I had a lovely bruise to remember it for the rest of my holiday and chipped the nail varnish on my toes and it irritated me all holiday because they looked a mess. So, to make sure I have pretty tootsies this year, I'm taking this badboy with me!

Storm Flower by Cheryl
I always want a fresh summer scent to take on holiday and this year, I just couldn't resist Cheryls new scent. I am her No:1 superfan so it just felt right. I've already began a full on love affair with this and that's just because of the bottle (how gorgeous). It cost me £27 for 50ml from Superdrug so not even superduper expensive. It smells really fruity and sweet but not overpowering so perfect for a holiday abroad. I also figured that because I practically wash in the stuff, when I clean out the bottle I can leave it on display because it's oh so pretty!

So that's what I've picked up so far, no doubt i'll end up buying a load more crap at the airport because thta's just what i'm like. I did say that I can treat myself to a MAC lippy in the airport, so i'll be no doubt blogging about that too when I get home! Until then, lots of love!


  1. i just used the hawaian tropics silk hydration sun tan lotion on my holiday last week! its amazing one of the best i've used! love the mini bottles to!

    1. I didn't even know that they did it in mini bottles, I NEEED to try them! Thanks for stopping by, I'll have a look at your blog now ;) x

  2. Lovely post. :)


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