Monday, 29 September 2014

Five Reasons to Love Autumn

Good afternoon all! Autumn, officially September 22nd, is finally here! I've been talking nonestop about it and found a surprising number of people say that they hate it. Why?! For me, I think it's my favorite season of the year. In the past, I've done a post listing five reasons why I love summer and I figured, hey why not do one about Autumn? Apologies if it's too long, I really had to narrow it down to just five reasons so if you think it's too long, trust me it could have been longer!


Changing of the leaves.
I just love seeing the leaves littering the floor in all different shades of brown, burnt orange and red. It is something new to walk down a street that you have traveled a dozen times down to find it completely transformed by a floor of leaves. I just love it, even I don't know why.

Beautiful Surroundings
I don't think you ever truly appreciate the presence of trees until you walk down a street where all the trees have changed colour. When I lived in Wales, I had never seen it more beautiful and picturesque than it was in Autumn. It was actually a picture of colour, everywhere. Plus, my dog gets walked almost too much in Autumn because I'm walking him constantly as an excuse to get out in the scenery. Sometimes I even have to drag him out of his bed, no wonder he hates me.

The clothes
I don't think I'd be telling the truth if my love of clothes wasn't part of the reason I love autumn. If you don't believe me, I've already done an Autumn Lookbook of clothes here before it even began. Scarfs, boots and jumpers. I just want it all in my wardrobe. And despite having a dozen jumpers already, I'll always end up adding new additions every year. 

Good Food
I know that in summer we're all a little body conscious because we'll be getting our bodies out for bikini season and so cakes and pastries often get us running for the hills. But in Autumn, good food seems to be everywhere! And what's more, I feel a little less guilty about eating it . I think I speak for everyone when I say that having hot chocolate in Autumn is like having the sun in summer, it's just right.

Halloween and Bonfire Night
I love love love Halloween and bonfire night. Bonfire night brings back memories from school where we would all get wrapped up, arm ourselves with sparklers and get to our local park for the fireworks show. I just love it. As for Halloween, any excuse to dress up and play with makeup is alright in my book. It's funny that I didn't actually realize that Halloween and Bonfire night came under Autumn until I looked at the official dates for this post, you learn something new everyday!

I think i've blabbed all a girl can about Autumn so I'm going to call it a day there. Apologies for the long (and rather pointless) natter. I'm about to go shopping in Leamington Spa and I've got myself in an Autumn clothing frenzy so RIP to my bank account guys because it's probably going to happen. Thanks as always for reading, much love!


  1. I absolutely love autumn, its my favorite season by far! :)

    1. Glad you like it, it's just the best time of year! The leaves have started falling on my road and i'm really excited!


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