Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tips and Tricks to beat your cold!

Hello all! I planned a few reviews recently but haven't got round to doing any because I've got a stinking cold, boo. It seems to me that around this time of year, just about everyone is ill. It's the downside to my beloved Autumn season. That being said, I've there are things we can do to make ourselves feel better and self indulge a little bit! These are my tips that I practically run to at the first sign of the dreaded cold. I hope you're not ill, but if you are I hope these help you somewhat! 

Take a hot Shower
When you've got in with dripping hair and a running nose, there is nothing nicer than hopping in a hot shower to help you beat the cold. I treat myself to two a day when I'm ill, once in the morning and once before bed. Then get in your cosiest PJ's and snuggle up by the fire. Bliss.

Drink Tea
Drinking tea has numerous beneficial properties if you're drinking things like green tea or peppermint tea. I love peppermint but I also like cranberry and red berry teas for the winter time. I've also heard of 'Metabolic Boosting' Teas, and although I haven't tried them myself, the MateFit teas are said to be exceptionally good. Whatever you drink, even if it's regular tea, I always find it makes you feel better.

Get your Vitamin C
It's always good to try and boost your immune system from the inside. The best way to do this is get your fix of Vitamin C, which is one I always struggle to get in Autumn-Winter. I take Vitamin C and Iron supplements but I recommend talking to your doctor before taking any supplements. If you can't get to your doctor, drink and eat fresh oranges and orange juice. Blueberry juice is high in sugar but is very high in vitamin C if you fancy a sweet alternative.

Eat soup
Sometimes when you're ill, you're not in the mood to eat. I actually had to call in sick to work (something that actually pains me to have to do) and I couldn't bring myself to eat anything but soup. It's the perfect food to get something in your belly and start the healing process! You can make them from home with just about any veg or you can get them in cans! No excuse really!

Wrap up warm
If you have to venture out of bed (which those of us in the working world have to) get wrapped up warm. I cringe thinking back to my secondary school days where it was the middle of Winter and I was still wearing dolly shoes, how silly of me! Nowadays, I'm wrapped up from head to toe, scarf, mittens and even ear muffs if I feel like it. Sometimes I feel like a lemon when it isn't that cold but it prevents your cold from getting any worse so is worth overdoing!

Get your rest
At the end of the day, i'm so tired I have no problem following this step but it's super important. Most of our repair occurs during our sleep so it makes sense that the more sleep you have, the more repair occurs (within reason of course). Early nights are the way forward when you can't shift your cold!

Have a duvet day
If you do happen to be ill on a day off (which is either lucky or very unlucky depending on your outlook) I suggest having a duvet day. Getting your rest and staying warm will ensure that when you do have to rejoin the working world, you'll be feeling a little more like yourself. And I have to say, I would never leave that bed if that was my room in the picture above, pug included!

Have a movie Marathon
I love having a movie marathon and being ill provides you with the perfect excuse. On my day off I watched Frozen, Hercules, Paulie and Anastacia. Watching anything Disney is enough to uplift anyone down in the dumps from illness! I don't really need to be ill in order to do this step.

Well those are my steps for beating the illness, I hope they help you to get rid of whatever it is that ails you. It may be that you're not ill but using these steps may prevent you from getting ill. You know what they say, prevention is better than cure! Here's to hoping that we all get over these snuffles soon, I know I can't wait to be rid of mine! 
Lots of Love,


  1. Lovely post! Movie marathons are the best. :)


    1. Aren't they just! Have to love a good movie marathon! x


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