Monday, 27 October 2014

More Confessions from Me

Evening all, I'm currently wrapped up in my PJ's with a cup of tea and decided to sit down and write this post. I saw a similar post by Chloe over on the Little Plum (You can give it a gander here) and it got me thinking about doing a similar one myself. More than the little bit on my About Me section, lets really get personal! We all know I need little or no excuse to have a good old ramble Well, without further adeu, here's another one... all about me.

Favourite TV
I am in love with so many TV programmes, it's a little bit sad. Even sadder (not sure if that's a word, going to roll with it anyway) is that majority are not currently airing on TV. First of all Big Bang Theory is my life (I know that is currently on TV but it's my fave so we'll start here). I watch it all the time even though I've seen all the episodes multiple times already. Secondly, Gossip Girl is literally my all time love. I will be 90 years old and still watching Blake Lively walk about in gorgeous clothes. Breaking Bad is another guilty pleasure, mostly because it's wayyy darker than what I usually watch. Other's include Peaky Blinders (OMG Cillian Murphy is going to be my BF soon), Made in Chelsea (I was like yaaarrr) and Friends, I mean obviously right.

Okay so here's the thing, I live in the movies. They are something I always indulge in whenever and where ever I can. Majority of the time, I'll be spending my days off in my onesie watching a Disney film with a ridiculous hot chocolate... and I mean ridiculous. Mean Girls is one particular film that I could probably quote word for word (Stop trying to make FETCH happen, it's not going to happen, you can't sit with us... etc).

I think the fact I've added in a whole section on Food says a lot and generally anything with sugar in is okay with me. I used to have what I would say was a very unhealthy attitude to food. Now I'm all better (thank goodness) I don't deprive myself of anything, I just make sure everything is in moderation. Chocolate, yes. Sweets, yes. Fruit, yes. Milkshakes, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Pancakes... yes yes yes. It's actually funny that when the boyfriend and I are relaxing round his house and one of us suggests having a snack, he'll go for savoury things every time and I always go for sweet. Opposites attract eh?

Pet Peeves
I really don't like negativity and I rarely moan online. That being said, the things we find irritating are part of who we are and I felt I should include it. My pet peeve has to be the people who are rude over insignificant things. It really does grind my gears. Another point. Littering. Oh my god! Why do people complain that Birmingham is a crap place to live whilst chucking a crisp packet over their shoulder? Seriously, have some pride in where you live! Grrrrrrrrr.... and relax.

I love love love animals. Goats freak me out but other than that, anything furry or with feathers and I'm all over it. If you walk past me with a cute puppy, I'm going to ask you to stop so I can pet it. On holiday there was this man who bought animals with him to the hotel and he had a pet Skunk that was tame and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. Just mind the butt and everything is okay.

So now I've finished my rambles I think it's safe to say you know exactly what I'm all about now. What do you think of this post? Have you learnt anything new about me (maybe you wish you didn't) let me know in the comments below! Thanks again!



  1. Hi Laura, I really enjoyed this post! It's fun sharing little bits about yourself. I'm really into my movies and TV shows! Never watched Breaking Bad, was totally hooked on Orange Is The New Black though! xoxoxox Shaz

    1. Oh my god, how did i frget to include OITNB?!! You neeed to watch Breaking Bad, it's a little dark but deffinetly worth all the hype, plus when you say bitch (sorry about the swearword) you'll say it with so much more venom after breaking bad! Trust me, it's worth it! Thanks for stopping by! x


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