Monday, 6 October 2014

Monday Must Haves

Hello all, we're in October! I just love this time of year (if you haven't guessed already) and I just want to run around with Costa Hot chocolate in big boots and chunky jumpers. That being said, first you have to buy those chunky jumpers and boots (the ones I have already don't count) so I've put together what I plan to buy on payday (oh dear). I finally found the one in terms of coats and so I've styled everything else around it so I can mix and match, not just a pretty face eh?

Roll neck sweater dress £45.00
I always dressed very preppy in college and university but I want to change my style to something a little more grown up and this jumper dress is just it. It looks cosy, flattering, smart and chucked on with some black tights and boots will look amazing.

 Black Wedge Chelsea boots £35.00
With me, ankle boots have always been a hit. They make your legs look longer, look amazing but most importantly, they are actual practical shoes in Autumn-winter. These plain beauties will go with everything and make you look super long too, double wammy!

Blue Chiffon Check long sleeve shirt £19.99
Okay so chiffon isn't really winter friendly but when it's this cute who cares. This little badboy checks all the criteria, it has navy and black to match the coat, can be thrown on with jeans and it's check print so is very on trend too. 

Black Zip Treggings £9.99
Plain black jeans and trousers are something I've really got into lately. I think they flatten your figure and slim down your legs. Plus they go with just about anything and make it look smart!

Coat with a pile collar £59.99
Oh my. This coat is literally everything I want all wrapped into one. It's super warm and cosy (I've already tried it on in three stores, I know sad), it has leather look sleeves so is bang on trend and it combines black and navy so will go with a bunch of things in my wardrobe. What is not to love!

Cream Colour Block Winged tote bag £45.00
I think if I'm being honest, I don't really need to buy a new bag as I probably have many that would work with this lot but hey, when do we ever really need the clothes we buy?

Shell Pink Textured Necklace Trim Shell top £12.99
Again, not winter friendly. Again, not bothered. I'll shove on a coat and feel a million bucks. Plus it's cheap and us bargain hunters can't really argue with that.

Navy Skinny Jeans £19.99
They're blue jeans and theyll go with everything. I don't really think I need more of an excuse than that to be honest.
Rib crop top £26.00
I went and tried on this little beauty the other day and absolutely loved it. I actually paired it with a leather look skirt and it made one hell of an outfit. That being said, it was also super expensive for the two so I found a cheaper alternative listed below..
Tinsel wrap mini skirt £32.00
Said cheaper alternative and with the wrap and glitter style it checks so many trends I can't keep count. Plus you could shove it with anything and it would make a new outfit. I mean when an item works this hard in your wardrobe it would be rude not to get it.

Well ten items and a dozen excuses later that just about wraps up my Monday Must-Haves. I don't really need them all but we all know that these gems are going to end up in my wardrobe. What's more is that they'll probably be a few others that sneak in too. I just can't help myself. So what do you think of my choices? Let me know in the comments below! As always, it's been a pleasure! 


  1. Really nice post, everything looks great. :)

    1. Thankyou, I'm glad you like them, only problem is that I need them all in my life! Do you do this haha? x


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