Wednesday, 8 October 2014

My Top 5 Beauty Tips

Hello my gorgeous readers! It's beauty tip time. Sometimes you have a useful technique that you have in your daily routine and it isn't until you tell somebody about it that you realise it isn't common knowledge. For me, I love looking up peoples beauty tips and tricks so I thought, hey, why not put mine in the bloggersphere too? You may find some of my tips completely obvious or even completely useless, but if you find one useful to incorporate into your routine then it's all been worth it! Again, I apologise if you've already heard of some of these, I tried to pick my top five most useful tips! Also some may not apply to you but I hope you'll be entertained nonetheless! Well, without further adieu...

Reducing warm up times
My first tip is something that has helped me out no end on those mornings when you're running late. I sometimes (although not very often) use hair rollers to get some curls in my hair. But as we all know, the little buggers take time to heat up, making the preparation time for your curls that much longer. When I was attending university and had to be at morning lectures for nine (I know, not even early) I learned that if I set my alarm 30 minutes before I had to wake up and turned on the curlers, when I actually got out of bed, I could throw them in my hair straight away. I even put a shower cap on top and wore them in the shower. Then I would do my makeup, have my breakfast and take my curlers out literally last minute. Doing this means you have maximum time with curlers in your hair and save all the warm up time.

Vaseline your way to beauty
Vaseline has been a god of the beauty world for years now and for good reason. My tip? Put it everywhere. Once I've removed my make-up and carried out my evening skincare routine, I put this on my lips, eyelashes, nose and nails. Okay so lips, not that weird, but eyelashes you say? Well I've found many forums discussing the lash growing power contained within Vaseline and I agree, it does keep my lashes healthy and growing (although I don't do this every single night). Nose, you're thinking I'm just plain weird now! But it's true. During winter when your nose is red raw because you've been wiping it with tissue all day, it can be reduced overnight simply by applying Vaseline to the sore areas before you go to sleep. Finally, putting Vaseline on my nails (not too weird?) improves the strength of my nails and ensures a healthy cuticle. I've even heard that people put this on their eyebrows to make them thicker!

A smile a day keeps the wrinkles away
You know, I just didn't feel like making a post without making this point. It's all good being savy with your beauty tips but it's not always about the beauty on the outside. If you don't do any of my other tips, do this one. Smile. The most beautiful person in the world is the one who is always smiling. The best part is, they are contagious and make you feel good physically. I know it's a cheesy point but I had to get it in here as I feel it's super important!

Fan your way to great lashes
Why the hell has she got a picture of a fan in here? Well, I hear you, don't worry I do actually have a point. One day when I was watching one of my girl crush Carlibell55's video's (I know, get a room already) she mentioned how she applied her mascara in front of a fan. I tried it and you know what, it works. It gives you thicker lashes because it makes the mascara dry much quicker whilst still being able to shape it on your lashes. Just make sure you don't point the opening of the tube towards the fan as it dries out your whole mascara otherwise!

You can't have too much of a good thing
We're made of it, dogs are made of it and the world is covered in it. Yep, it's water. Why is this even in here, you should do this already. I remember sitting down one day and forcing myself to drink a pint of water, and I decided that I liked drinking it. Now I drink minimum of around six pints a day and that doesn't include the water that is in other drinks. People aren't lying when they say the condition of their skin improves when they're drinking plenty of water. My skin appears dewy and plump when I'm drinking the right amount, it sounds silly but it really does make such a difference. Just look at this picture long enough and I promise you it will make you want a glass!

Well those are my top five beauty tips! I'm not one for anything complicated and I think all of these are things you can easily incorporate into your routine. Let me know your top beauty tips, you know what they say, sharing is caring folks! I hope you enjoyed this post and as ever it's been a pleasure! 


  1. I put vasaline on my eyelashes, too. It really helps! :)

    1. It's such a good product as it actually works, i'm trying to grow my lashes and vaseline is helping so much ! x


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