Monday, 29 December 2014

New Years Eve Lookbook

Good evening all, I've been trying to overcome the post Christmas blues by throwing myself into searching for that all important NYE outfit. Last years plans consisted of going to my boyfriends fathers pub with my family and dancing the night away. Honestly, the atmosphere was absolutely electric and I can't wait to do the same this year. For me, I want to go all out glamour with as much glitter as I can find. I'm even thinking of investing in some Mac pigment and go all out on the eyes. As always, I drove my family mad talking outfits, makeup and heels so thought what better to get in the spirit than to put together this look book. I've compiled a few dresses, heels and then a few nail looks to give you some inspiration. Enjoy!

(From Left to Right)
Blue Vanilla Sweetheart Neck Black Dress £20.00 Here
Lace Bodycon Tunic £36.00 Here
L.E Embellished Feather Hem Dress £125 Here
Chi Chi Lace Front Dress £26.99 Here
Pink Sequin Floral Hem Shift Dress £20.00 Here

As far as new year is concerned, it's all about glamour and going a little bit over the top. The first dress is actually completely the opposite of that, but I thought that it was so plain and simple you could go over the top with the accessories, plus at £20.00 it was cheap enough to splurge on the clutch.
The lace dress is again rather plain but the beautiful colour is enough to make anyone weep and would look amazing paired with all gold accessories. Now, on the other end of the price spectrum is this Limited edition Feather dress from Topshop. Rather pricey at £125, but is all the glitz and glamour you'll need in one dress. Plus, if you're wanting to make a statement, this is the way to do it.

Again, another plain dress with this Chi Chi lace front dress but if you want to still look glamorous it can be done with this simple beauty. And last but not least, an all glam dress in this pink sequinned beauty. Pair this with simple accessories and let the dress do all the talking. As to whether you'll be seeing me in these on my Instagram, that's for you to find out ;).

(From left to right)
Black Snakeskin Strappy Heels £24.99 Here
Stone Pointed Court Shoes £19.99 Here
Black Cut out Heel £27.99 Here
Gold Pointed Toe Court Shoes £10.00 Here
Shell Pink Platform Ankle Strap Heels £22.99 Here

I'm sorry, my taste in heels is a little safe I know. That being said, with so much glitter on the dress/outfit, I figured these plain-ish heels will go with whatever outfit you decide to put together. I'm a sucker for a good black heel and these strappy heels are so in fashion. Get the toes ready girls (and boys). Next onto my new fad of the moment, pointed heels. I like these because they're both nude and not super high for if you don't want to fully commit to heels.

These cut out little cuties are just too adorable for words and even though I already own 239420395482 pairs of black heels, I'm going shopping tomorrow and these will be joining my heel family. Again, pointy heels and by going for metalic, you can match them to any gold detailing on your clutch or outfit. Even jewelery will match making them work hard for your money. And finally, these pretty little pink darlings are just oh so girly and cute. I don't even know what they'd go with but when they're this pretty who cares?

Next, onto the all important NOTN. I'm all for glitter (no surprise there then) and think that gold is especially lovely. Here are just a few of my favourite designs on the WWW. My nails actually have shellac nail treatment on at the moment (more on that in another post) and will be painting gold glitter on the tips for my NYE outfit. What do you think of these nail designs?

Well that concludes a rather long post but hopefully one you have enjoyed. Making the most out of celebrating your year is important, no matter how bad your year has been. There is always some lesson to learn from. For me, this year I have graduated university, worked in a pub, my local COOP and gone to Fuerteventura to name a few. More personal issues have been to really begin to accept myself and grow up, leaving the irrelevant things in my past. Anywho, I'll leave my deep thoughts there as this may get a little too cheesy otherwise. What are your new years resolutions, I need some inspiration! 

Lots of love, Laura.


  1. Oh, everything looks wonderful! Thank you for the inspiration ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. Glad you like them, did you have a good new years?


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