Friday, 26 December 2014

Vaseline Healthy Hands Hand Cream

Hello all, Christmas is already over, boo! I've had an absolutely lovely couple of days and feel so blessed by the people I have around me! Cheesy but true! Yesterday was a dream and watching my family open the presents I'd spent lots of time on really made the day for me. My sister Emily has been talking about Cards Against Humanity and she had no idea I'd surprised her to them. We played them after dinner and they are outrageous and hilarious in equal measures! I was also blown away by the gifts they brought me, they were all so thoughtful and 100% me. My sister Sophie even made me lipgloss, that's right, she made it. And what's more is it's a delicious pink and really good quality. I will be putting up a 'What I got for Christmas' post hopefully tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled.

Anywho, I thought I'd get my butt in gear and do a review today as I feel I've neglected my little old blog lately. I know that it's a part of life that we don't get as much time for our hobbies as we'd like but it still makes me feel a little guilty. Nonetheless, I thought my review of Vaseline Healthy Hands Hand Cream was perfect for this time as year as I think everyone is suffering from dry hands. Since starting my new job, I've noticed it a lot and decided to pick up this little package during my break.

I was drawn by a)The cute pink packaging (what a nerd) and b)The 'Stronger Nails' claim plastered on the front. Lately i've been trying to grow my nails so it was important for me. First of all, the smell of this hand cream is lovely and I can't imagine it being a scent that will offend anyone. Secondly, this product just works. You rub in a pea sized amount and you're good to go. It leaves the hands a little greasy for two minutes but after that your hands are moisturised for the rest of the day. As i'm in particuarily dry conditions, I keep it in my pocket and reapply throughout the day but I love it for the cuticles.

Overall for a quick purchase I'm happy it does the job it says on the tin. As for stronger nails, I've had multiple products in effect so can't say that it is 100% down to this cream that they are stronger. Nonetheless, I think it's a good product anyway. If you fancy giving it a try, you can pick up this little travel bottle from Boots for £3.29 here  or invest in the larger bottle, which I now also own, for £5.39 here also from boots. Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas! Love you all.


  1. This sounds wonderful, I'm going to have to give it a try! I'm kind of obsessed with hand cream ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

    1. It makes your nails so much stronger and really do! x


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