Thursday, 10 April 2014

High End Wish List


 Hello everyone, I'm back in my old blogging territory with this long overdue high end beauty wish list which has been piling up on my to do list. You'll be glad to know that one of the most stressful weeks of my life is finally over, yes prepare yourself i'm about to moan.

So as I mentioned, my dissertation was due in so I was working long days in the library (one day I didn't leave until 3 in the morning) and was stressed anyway. Then my teeth started really hurting me and one side of my face ballooned three days before the deadline, which turned out to be an abscess. So I ended up on a course of antibiotics which meant that I couldn't drink alcohol when I celebrated my diss hand in. You don't need alcohol to have a good time, but I was looking forwards to treating myself to a good lager and lime! Anyway, after going out to celebrate with my course mates last night, I got back at 3AM and decided to stay up to catch my 5AM train, only to find it was pulling away as I got in. I had to come home and return an hour later to catch my train. When on it a lorry collided with a bridge so it got cancelled, we all had to get off and onto a coach and go as far as Shrewsbury. From there I had to get another train to my local station where my lovely boyfriend came to rescue me.

The whole ordeal has literally left me drained so currently unwinding and having a much needed rest. So now I've had a good moan you can understand while I'm comforting myself with the idea of having some lovely new products. So after a full on moaning session, here is my high end beauty wish list...

1. Stila in the Light palette £25.00
I watch an obscene amount of makeup tutorials on youtube, the sad part is a lot of the time it's not even to actually do the look, but I do like watching people do their makeup and learning their tecniques and favourite products. A product that comes up again and again is this palette. I think it's the perfect palette for everyday to evening makeup looks and the quality is apparently very good.

2. Naked 3 Palette £37.00
Yes, yet another palette in the collection and again it's because this product is featured numerous times in makeup tutorials. One tutorial in particular that stood out was that by Carli Bybel, my absolute favourite blogger who did a look using only this palette (you can see it here). She looked stunning (as usual) and has meant that I need to have this one. I also see palettes as more of an investment because you're getting more for your money.

3. Sigma eyeshadow base in Persuade $13.00
I see this base coming up a lot as a sort of primer for eyeshadows. It provides a light base to build up other lighter shades. I often find that sometimes some shadows need a little something more to pick up the colour. I don't have a link to buy this from a UK seller yet but I will add this in if I find one.

4. Sigma Brushes Here
There was a time when I didn't use makeup brushes to apply my makeup and honestly, I can't even think how I managed to do anything other than slop it on. For Christmas a few years ago my mother, erm I meant Santa, brought me a large set of makeup brushes for everything from foundation to eyeshadow brushes. Now I know which brush types/sizes I use, I'd like to invest in some of a higher quality to replace the ones I use most. The beauty blogger world is always talking about these burshes being of high quality and worth the money.

5. Mac Studio Fix Fluid £21.50
So as I mentioned, I went on a night out with all of my university friends to celebrate our dissertation hand in. Whilst getting ready my friend Laura walked past me and I actually gasped at how flawless her foundation was, no exaggeration! Her skin appeared smooth and airbrushed without looking like she had got loads of foundation on, so I had to ask what she was using. I've got to be honest in saying I wasn't slightly surprised that it was a high end foundation. You get what you pay for majority of the time with foundation. Needless to say, this bad boy is firmly on my wish list.

6. Mac Lipstick in Pure Zen £15
In Carli's tutorial using the Naked palette that I mentioned earlier, she used this lipstick and I fell in love with it. For me most, nudes can never get the right balance between having some level of colour in them and being light enough. This one looks perfect and would work well for everyday and for evening looks with a dramatic eye.


  1. Oh no, sorry about that ordeal! At least your diss is all handed in, I'm still doing mine :(
    I've also lusted after every single item on this wishlist, haha, so desperate for the In The Light palette!

    Efflorescent Dream

    1. Oh nooo, I feel your pain, good luck and just think about how good celebrating will be when you're done! It's supposed to be amazing, and our makeup collections are hardly complete without them, let's keep hoping aha!


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