Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Top Picks for Poolside Glamour

Floral Super push up bikini top £14.99 
Floral Bikini Bottoms £7.99
Dark Green Bikini Top £12.99
Dark Green Bikini Bottoms £7.99 
Pink Patterned Push up bikini top £12.99
Pinkl Patterned Bikini Bottoms £7.99 
White Bikini Bottoms £7.99 
White and Black Bikini Top £12.99 
Forgive me, for I have sinned! I've descended into bikini themed torture. I do this every single year, I start scrolling through the beach wear collections on line too early and then have months of painstakingly lusting after each and every one. This year, with the idea of a couples holiday getting me through revision, it's begun earlier than usual. I've been astounded by ASOS and H&M collections and have fallen in love with everything. 

The bikinis above are just four on my lust list. Call it my top four, because all of them will be entering my already overcrowded bikini collection. My favourite has to be the black and white number, and with all of them under £25, they are definitely worth having. One thing I have noticed is that some places are SO expensive for bikinis, why do they cost so much when there is so little material? Baffling. 

Tropical Leaf Print Kimono £12.99 
Loose Knit Black Kaftan £6.00 
Monochrome dip hem Bandau cover up dress £9.99
Black Ethnic Print Woven Beach Bag £19.99 
Wide Brim Straw hat £6.00
I had so much fun looking at high fashion photography of poolside glamour. Here's me with my hair scrammed up and primark flipflops thrown on with whatever bikini I fancy and then there's these ladies who are 100% elegance. I saw this tropical caftan and fell completely in love with it. I have a lot of black and white bikinis which would look great thrown under this. The black one would go with absolutely anything and would be great for when you need to throw something on to top to the bar to grab another gorgeous cocktail (cue daydreaming about pina colada here). The striped little number from new look is so cheap and would be perfect thrown on with the classic beach hat. To finish off, I think in summer you can clash prints a little more than normal so that's why I thought this beach bag from new look would be perfect to chuck in your towels, sunnies and trusty Hawaiian Tropic sun lotion. I'll probably have a book for poolside reading popped in too, if you've got any recommendations let me know!

Well, what do you  think of my summer picks? As soon as my student loan comes in i'll be adding this lot to my beach wear collection. The boyfriend and I still haven't actually booked a holiday but hey, i'm getting the important things sorted first i.e the clothes. I'm going to be doing a post on poolside hairstyles so keep your eyes out! Are you going away and is there anything you have your eyes on, let me know in the comments below!

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