Saturday, 12 April 2014

Meet the women who taught me about makeup.

Good evening beautiful readers, so as I mentioned quite a few times already,  I went out the other night to celebrate dissertation hand in. I got talking to one of my beautiful friends Pip and we had a massive chat about how much we love vloggers, makeup and all things beauty. We can seriously spend hours talking about Mac. It got me thinking about how much I owe these lovely ladies. Between their lovely videos and practice of my own, I've learned everything I know about makeup, so if you want to polish up your techniques, have a watch. I've attached my favourite videos from each vlogger. I've never done it before so if they don't work, I'm sorry!

1. Carli Bybel
 My absolute favourite vlogger is Carli, she is such a beautiful woman inside and out and her makeup looks are fantastic. My all time favourite being her Cream and contour look. In my last post I mentioned her using Pure Zen by Mac and you can see in this why I want it so badly. 

2. Lauren Curtis
This aussie princess is the owner of the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen. Her makeup looks are always on point and look absolutely stunning. This video is the one that comes to mind when I think of her, it's simple and easy but so flattering.

3. Nicole Guerriero
I've only started watching her videos recently but she is absolutely hilarious. She makes watching a tutorial fun and entertaining. My favourite video of hers isn't actually a tutorial, it's this top drugstore products where she talks about all the good products on the highstreet, ideal!

4. Tanya Burr
This girl is so so so so lovely, and her makeup looks cover a wide variety of styles. she just seems like such a gorgeous person inside and out that I feel like i'm talking to a friend when watching her videos. 

5. Jaclyn Hill
I stumbled upon this smokey cat eye tutorial and haven't looked back since. It was the first time I'd seen scotch tape used in a makeup tutorial, strange but totally effective! Plus her makeup collection is to die for!

6. Maya Mia

I actually discovered Maya Mia on instagram first, where she posts images of her makeup looks. They are all so lovely that it prompted me to have a look at her makeup tutorials. She's world class so definitely make a point of having a look.

7. Rhae Estelle 
She's absolutely gorgeous and when I saw this victoria secrets makeup tutorial I nearly died of happiness. It's the first tutorial where I think she's got the VS makeup down to a T. My only quibble about her is that she doesn't post videos often. Good things to those who wait though right?

So I've only included my absolute favourites here, there are so many lovely vloggers though who are oh so talented. I'm so tempted to start vlogging but finding the time to blog is sometimes a difficult task, it may be something to think about in the future. Who are your favourite vloggers, I love to learn more vloggers! 


  1. This is such a great post, I watch youtube videos all of the time and follow everyone you listed above apart from Maya Mia and Rhae Estelle, I'm definitely going to get to it and follow them too though! I think Jaclyn is my all time favourite, her makeup is always 100% flawless I can't even get my head round it haha! Not sure if you already follow her but I recently discovered Batalash Beauty who is hilarious and really creative! x

    1. Thank you, I think everybody appreciates a good vlogger! Ooohhh, I love hearing about new people, I'll definitely be having a cheeky peek, glad i've helped you discover some new ones too :) x


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